Over the past 70 years, a woman's choice for internal menstrual care has pretty much been limited to tampons. Wouldn't you like something better, something . . . nicer?

Now there is an alternative that is healthier for our bodies, our environment and our pocketbook — the Lunette menstrual cup.

Made in Finland and now available to Aussie women, the Lunette is an easy-to-use, safe, and clean alternative to pads and tampons. Using a Lunette is similar to using a tampon but requires less changing. Made of medical-grade silicone, a non-friendly environment for bacteria, menstrual cups are simply washed and reused. Not to mention, menstrual cups create zero waste. That's nice!

What are you waiting for? Try a healthier alternative for handling your period that will not limit you or compromise the environment.  Go out there and live your life to the fullest – all month every month!


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Lunette as seen on the Daily Grommet:

"The Lunette is a present for my best friend... ...Couldn't rave enough about it, had to show her instead! I also bought one for my sister.... Changed her life too!"

"I think it's the best thing I bought in my life."

"I must also tell you that the cup seems to have somehow taken away the majority of my cramps....it's a miracle! I've converted many onto the cup....I am living proof of the cup being one hell of an awesome invention!"

"I love my menstrual cup and have been telling everyone I know. I'm upset that I didn't switch to it before. Happy and ecstatic!" 

"I've had my Lunette cup for a few months now, and I absolutely love it. I can't believe how easy and convenient it is to use - and I'm thrilled that it's also healthier for me and the environment."

"Sorry it's taken me so long to feed back - the lunette cup is brilliant! (I just feel sad that it took me this long to find out about them!)." 


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