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Resourcefulness is the New Cool

One thing I love about using Lunette is that, aside from being convenient — it is resourceful.  Resourcefulness, especially in these difficult economic times, feels good. It is calming to my soul to know that I’ve simultaneously preserved my rainy day funds and fulfilled my basic needs. Lunette does this by saving me from re-purchasing disposables each month. But there are other ways, FUN ways, to be resourceful!

To illustrate, we’ll use Pinterest.  Recently, I discovered Pinterest, a social networking site where members express themselves by “pinning” pictures of subject matter that interests them. It is literally a visual lexicon of creativity.  I was inspired by ideas that people have posted to breathe new life into throw-away items.  Check out these DIY (do-it-yourself) items:

1. Boots made from sweaters:


2. Many cool ideas from T-shirts. I especially like this:

Picture found from Pinterest.

3. Funky containers made from spice cans:


4. Jewelry from zippers, cool!  Kudos to whoever thought up this idea.


5. These are not really DIY, but they are recycled and so lovely! What would be a better way to honor your “most loved barbie”! Margaux Lange is an artist who creates amazing jewelry out of discarded Barbie dolls. Check out her work at:


6. Can you guess what this lampshade is made of?  Spoons!


7. What to do with those empty bottles? So clever! This could be a great slumber party group project.


8. Self-generating herbs!


9. And finally, I think these are one of the most beautiful vases that I have ever seen:

Resourcefulness inspired creativity.  Did you like these?  Let us know about your ideas.

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  • Franziska Neuhaus

    Fantastic ideas!!!