Menstruation in Africa: How You Can Help Women in Kenya (Fundraiser AND Giveaway)


The Brooks Family

Kate & Johnny Brooks: Walking the walk and changing the world

Lunette hopes you will join us to help women in Africa.  How?

For each sale in made on the North American site through June 30th 2012, we will donate 20% to fund a shipment of Lunette menstrual cups to a special organization in Kenya. 

Why is this important?  Read on!

Coping Without Menstrual Supplies

Living in a developed country, it is easy to take for granted the wide availability and affordability of menstrual products.  Can you imagine how life would be different if menstrual products were not readily available each month?  What would you do?  For most women, the experience of menstruation is not significant enough to alter the course of her life.  In Africa — is.  Lunette has a friend in Kenya who deals this crisis first hand:  Kate Brooks.

Kate Brooks:  A Future & A Hope

Everyone wants to change the world and make it a better place.  Kate and husband, Johnny, took action on their desire to change the world, took a huge leap of faith and moved from Texas to Nakuru, Kenya in 2005.  They have five biological children (last two born there) and have adopted nine Kenyan girls.  In Nakuru, they started “A Future and A Hope” which includes community aid projects, two orphanages (one for boys and one for girls), another home for pregnant teen girls who have been ostracized by the community, and an HIV support group.  What makes them unique is that they are funded completely through donations.

Kate Brooks discusses menstruation in Africa

Kate Brooks. Nakuru, Kenya

Kate Brooks talks about menstruation in Africa

If you click the link above, Kate explains in a video, not only the purpose of “A Future and A Hope,” but the challenges women face and how they cope with lack of menstrual products in their part of the world.  Because menstrual cups are sanitary and reusable, Kate believes they are a viable option for, not all, but many women in Africa.  The Brooks family lives in an area of Kenya where women have access to clean water and have one-on-one training (through Kate) on how to use a menstrual cup.


Lack of Menstrual Supplies is a RoadBlock to Education for Girls in Africa

Some may wonder how menstrual products in Africa figure into the big picture — why is it an important women’s issue?  According to the Forum of African Women Educationalists (FAWE), girls in Africa drop out between the ages of 11 — 13 due to lack of sanitary menstrual products, water and separate bathroom facilities in schools.

Think about it.  If a girl has her period on a test day and has no menstrual supplies, she will skip school.  If she is made fun of by boys in her class for blood on her skirt, the cultural shame is so great she is likely never to return to school.  Without education, poverty remains entrenched in that society.

Do the Math:  No Menstrual Supplies = No School

Education creates a road map out of poverty. Currently, half the population (females) in Africa are obstructed from school due to a lack of feminine supplies.  Helping the women of a community trickles down to the community at large.  To be educated in Africa, girls need better menstrual options.  It isn’t the whole answer, but it a part.

Remember:  Through June 30th, 2012 — 20% of Lunette sales will fund the purchase of menstrual cups for A Future and A Hope in Nakuru, Kenya


Not interested in buying any Lunette products, but still want to help A Future and A Hope? 

  • Click here to donate funds
  • Click here to find out how to send a care package
  • Click here to send something from Kate’s Amazon wish list

We will be posting updates and further posts so you can get to know The Brooks family and what their life is like on the other side of the world.


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