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Packaging the Lunette menstrual cup

Packaging the Lunette menstrual cup

You have surely seen, on TV maybe, factories where industrial robots pack products that whizz on assembly lines and drop into boxes that forklifts then hall around. We at Lunette do things different. All Lunette menstrual cups are hand-packed for your convenience.

Lunette cups are packed in a work center that offers employment for people partially capable for work. This means that these people are unable to sustain a full-time job or a position matching their education because of an illness or a disability. Through this work center they can be employed more efficiently than on an open labor market.

When we expanded our business in 2008 we were no longer able to pack the product ourselves and decided to find a partner. We wanted then to invest in a sustainable partner that supports a disabled person´s right to work and be productive. That is why we chose the work center to handle the packing of Lunette cups.

Our cooperation with the work center is now 5 years old and going strong. Even though volumes increase yearly, each Lunette is still packed by hand. We have a selection of packaging in 13 different languages and 16 language options on our instruction leaflets. Each order is customized according to our client´s needs so that the cup packages include language versions needed in that particular market. Packing by hand lenghtens slighty our delivery time but creates ample possibilities in quality and flexibility for each of our clients. And that is something we value dearly.

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