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Happy Earth Week and a GIVEAWAY!

Happy Earth Week and a GIVEAWAY!

The Lunette menstrual cup will last for YEARS and generates NO waste. Now that's nice.

We know, that you know, that Earth Day should be every day. But do you know these facts about how your menstrual care products could be impacting the environment?

  • There are 84,738,774 women aged 15 to 54 in the US.
  • The average number of periods per menstruating person is 13 annually.
  • About 17,000 tampons, pads and panty-liners are used in ones lifetime!
  • Flushing sanitary protection products causes 75% of blocked drains.
  • Average use of menstrual products is 22 per cycle, 286 per year per woman and a total of 24,235,289,364 products per year.
  • In the USA the feminine protection market is around 3 billion USD.

You can help change these numbers and reduce the negative impact by switching to a reusable menstrual care alternative- like the Lunette menstrual cup.

Are you ready to make the switch? Lunette can help! We’re giving away 2 Lunette menstrual cups in classic clear to 2 lucky fans (or soon to be fans!)

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Applicants must enter in the spirit of fun! Must be 18 or older. This offer is available for the U.S., Canada or Mexico. The winner will be announced on Lunette’s Facebook page and notified via email and must respond within 48 hours. 

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