International Retailers

We love active girls: ambitious, smart, and always on the go. Which is why we Finnish girls know you’ll love Lunette as much as we do. We’re all women together: raising families, going to school, and working hard at our jobs. We all share a monthly cycle and we’re a part of the divine fabric of the universal life cycle. But let’s face it: periods can be painful and inconvenient. The genius Lunette ladies believe we’ve found a superior solution to the subpar feminine protection you’ve been offered since your grandmothers’ day.

Retailers all over the world, on almost every continent love and stock Lunette!

The reason is clear — women have easier (and we daresay, more enjoyable) periods with Lunette as a co-pilot. We want you to experience not only how Lunette can change your life but also change your month!

If you can't find a retailer from your own country, we’ll bring Lunette to you. Contact our customer service super girls directly by email. You can also order from our global online store

Authorized Lunette retailers are:

Note: This list is by no means complete as it is growing continuously. We make every effort to update it as frequently as possible.