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How to introduce Lunette to your friends (tactfully)

We women are opinionated! We love a certain restaurant, swear by a certain juice diet, or favorite boutique. So why would you keep such a wonderful, eco-logical, and healthy product like Lunette, all to yourself? Well, you wouldn’t, because if there’s one thing we know about women, is we love to share: stories, tips, tricks and efficiencies. And that’s why we know you’ll love to share Lunette love with your friends.

Team Lunette believes the menstrual cycle is a divine part of the human experience, and deserves a little more respect. We don’t believe it’s a taboo subject, but historically, society hasn’t always agreed with us. Our advice? Be discreet but positive. Be a role model in taking back our female power — we are life givers, and our cycle is part of that journey. Shed a little sunlight on menstruation — at this very moment, a quarter of the world’s women are experiencing it. Can it get more natural than that?

Start open, honest, and tactful conversations to banish traditionally held customs and beliefs about menstruation and feminine protection. That said, a menstrual cup may not work for every woman — but at least now she knows about it, and that’s the goal: awareness. Most women will appreciate that you’ve told them about the alternatives, even if it’s personally not for them. But think about it: pads and tampons have been the only alternatives for 70 years — maybe they just need time to process the idea?

Lunette Facts


Many women think that the cup must be huge — but trust us, it’s not! It’s efficiently designed to hold the maximum amount of fluid based on your interior size and shape. It’s meant to be changed between 2-4 times a day and it performs beautifully. It’s also made out of silky, soft silicone that you fold, and when placed in the vagina, you don’t feel it. It’s simply perfect.


Women often wonder about how to clean the cup. Hygiene is critical to the success of Lunette (and the health of its user). The reality is that in most developed countries we have clean water and high levels of hygiene, so it’s relatively easy to clean the cup. It more challenging conditions where clean water is less accessible, please consult Team Lunette if you are unsure how to advise your friend — or if you’re a distributor, your customer.

Be Honest

Lunette doesn’t promise to make periods the most wonderful experience ever — just nicer, more efficient, and less expensive. Tell your friends honestly about the issues they may encounter at first (rooted primarily in getting the hang of inserting), but also about the positives. If you use the cup yourself, speak from experience.

Save Yourself Before the Planet

‘Good for the environment’ is a big selling point when promoting the cup — it’s a huge part of our company mission. But Lunette isn’t for everyone and we don’t want women who use disposables to feel guilty if they don’t join the menstrual cup movement. The environmentally friendly benefit is a ‘karmic plus’ — but at the end of the day, you need to be completely physically and mentally comfortable with your feminine protection choice. It’s all about you.