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10-year anniversary: Lunette ladies' tell about their journey with Lunette

The story of Lunette began 10 years ago when a 25-year-old Heli couldn't find a cup that fits. Quickly the company started to grow and what started out as a small scale business grew at an incredible pace.

16 10 2015

The story of Lunette began ten years ago when a 25-year-old Heli couldn't find a cup that fits. Quickly the company started to grow and what started out as a small scale business grew at an incredible pace. Here Heli and other Lunette ladies from Finland tell about their journeys with Lunette menstrual cups. 


My journey with Lunette started in spring 2005 when I started to design my own goldilocks cup. I found menstrual cup through cloth diapering, and I instantly loved the idea, but the cup I was using back then wasn’t good for me. With my husbands help, I started to design ”the perfect menstrual cup” Lunette, looked for good operational partners and transferred from cloth diaper entrepreneur into a menstrual cup entrepreneur. The website was opened on 15th of October 2005 and even on the first day, I got lots of orders and my first wholesale order. I was so excited about the good feedback we got, and we are still getting it. The sales were great the next months, and we made our first bigger export sales at the beginning of the year 2006. Ever since that we have been growing Lunette sales, especially exporting and nowadays almost 90 percent of the sales are coming outside from Finland.

When I started with Lunette, I was 25 years old young mother of two and new entrepreneur. During these years, I have learned a lot and had so much fun. I have been able to work with amazing people, travel and get to know different cultures and get a chance to learn about women’s rights in different countries. Ten years have gone fast and although there have been times when I have struggled with work and family I wouldn’t change a day. I’m expecting to see great adventures in the future. I’m confident that with the help of our amazing Lunette team and awesome customers we can change the world!


I first heard of Lunette in 2005 when it was launched in Finland. I felt that it was something I wanted to get my hands on and try it, so I ordered one. It was love at first try! I was then a stay-at-home-mom and I had a small online store selling baby and mommy products, so I started selling Lunette as well. When my son turned 3, I went back to my old job and years went by until suddenly I felt it was time to make a change. I emailed Heli and asked if they needed a gal like me to join the Lunette team. I wanted to work for something that truly changes lives, and Lunette is just that for so many women! Now its been almost 6 years and I´ve seen the journey Lunette has made and the enthusiastic reactions of women across the globe. And I love it!


I belong to the rare species of early cuppers because I ordered my first menstrual cup in the internet around 2001. Like many women, pregnancy and giving birth had changed my body awareness and made the thought of a new internal menstrual device more appealing. It was also the desire to stop contributing to the disposable waste mounting that helped me make a purchase decision. It was not Love at first sight. More a fancy. A woman’s got to bear a little discomfort and occasional leaking to save the world for future generations… Finally True Love arrived in form of Lunette menstrual cup. The purchase was preceeded by, as I recall, flushing the First Cup down the toilet, a couple of rather uncomfy periods with leaking disposables and a meaningful encounter with Heli Kurjanen at an exhibition. Oh my gosh! A menstrual cup made in Finland! Gotta see this. Still, it required a beginner course in horseback riding, where Heli and I with our daughters participated, before by and by a private cupper grew to be an international menstrual mentor. Years may have gone by, but the appreciation for cup that revolutionalised my periods stays!


I got my first menstrual cup from my sister Heli in 2004. I had heard so much praise about menstrual cups but still I doubted it. However I was determined to learn although using it felt really difficult at the start. In 2005, Heli decided to design her own, new improved menstrual cup – and so Lunette was born. I was excited and enthusiastic to try it. I didn't have any problems with it and it didn't felt uncomfortable like the other brands I've tried. I fell in love with Lunette at the first sight. In 2006 Heli asked me to join the Lunette team, and I didn’t hesitate. I have been a part of Lunette team for 9 years now, and I hope there will be many more to come.


I first heard about menstrual cups when I was around 14 years old, 10 years ago. My first reaction was ”OMG that will never fit into me!” and totally forgot about the whole thing until the summer of 2015 when I graduated. I got an e-mail from Heli Kurjanen, the CEO of Lunette. I scanned the e-mail real quick and read the signature. ”For nicer periods” Ummm maybe not. But I kept thinking about the e-mail and after few days of googling I responded to Heli. After meeting her I couldn’t keep Lunette out of my head! I needed to have that job! Lunette's values and ways of acting made a huge impression on me. After another meeting with Heli I received a greatly anticipated e-mail. I got the job! Even though I was really nervous about the new working place, collegues and the long drive to the office, I’ve woken up every morning super excited (I honestly didn’t know that was possible)! Now, after 2 months of working at Lunette I’m still as excited to go to work every morning and learning something new. That is what I call a dream job!

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