111 Ways Lunette Makes Traveling Nicer
Feb 17, 2015    2 Comments

Last month, I traveled with my niece to pipin' hot Arizona. When we entered the hotel room and unpacked our suitcases, I couldn't help but notice that a large percentage of her suitcase was crammed full of tampons, pads and mini-pads. Good thing she has me around. I filled her in on the good news. She could lighten her load and free up space for better things, like extra bikinis, flip flops and souvenirs - if only she had a Lunette. 

There are many ways that Lunette can make your travel experiences much nicer. Here are a few:

  1. Frees up space in luggage. Worth repeating given luggage fees. The more you can fit in your carry-on bags, the better.
  2. One Lunette suits all flow needs. No need to bring various menstrual supplies to accommodate your flow as it evolves through your period. Tampons, back-up pads, overnight napkins, mini-pads as your period lightens - don't need 'em.
  3. Maintain privacy as you go through airport security. During airport inspections, no need to display your feminine care items to nearby passengers as TSS agents rifle through your belongings.
  4. Ensures discretion. Only one unassuming, pretty little satin bag to take up space in your purse or backpack. Nothing that screams, "I'M ON MY PERIOOOODD."
  5. No need to re-purchase supplies at your destination. This is especially important in some foreign countries where tampons are scarce or non-existent, such as the middle east, Asia or Africa.
  6. Durable. Ever find a beat-up tampon that has torn through its wrapper on the bottom of your purse? Pretty much a waste of product, not to mention awkward when someone else fumbles through your purse for a pen.
  7. Comfortable to wear in hot destinations. Unlike pads that can be stifling and damp, or wet stringed tampons.
  8. Perfect for backpacking or camping. Pack in one squishable Lunette -- no applicators or wrappers to pack out.
  9. Secure. No worries of leaking when you hit that spectacular beach or resort pool. No risk of a string revealing itself if you wear a revealing bikini.
  10. More capacity = Less fuss. How often do you have to change your tampon? You can double that time before you need to empty your Lunette. Because a Lunette holds twice as much as a super tampon, you can go twice as long before you need to empty it. That means more time for touring and playing without interuption.
  11. Lunette offers portable, compostable, disinfecting wipes for easy care on the road.

Want to take a Lunette on holiday with you? Lunette wants to help make your next trip easier!
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(2) Comments

Tabitha Wells

Jul 24, 2015 AT 18:04 PM

I'll agree with everything except it suiting all flow needs. I (very heavy menses--dump cup at minimum once every 1 1/2 hour and doctors say it's just how I am) must have a back up cloth pad the entire time. Otherwise, awesome article. And given those numbers, yes, much more pleasant than a tampon.

Lunette team

Jul 24, 2015 AT 23:02 PM

Agreed! With heavy periods cup might need to be empty often and back up pad is useful. Cup is still much more comfortable (and cheaper) than to use tampons. Have you tried period panties like Thinx? They are really good as a back up for Lunette cup.


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