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5 Weekend Hacks for a Better Week

Those weekend vibes as a way to make your week a little better is always a good idea. Here are 5 hacks you can use this weekend to set your week up for success.

07 12 2016

Weekends are for Netflix, sweatpants, brunch, and making sure the week ahead is just as good. Ok, so Monday’s will probably never be as much fun as Friday’s. Can you blame them? It’s Monday, after all. But using those weekend vibes as a way to make your week a little better is always a good idea. Here are 5 hacks you can use this weekend to set your week up for success.

1. Plan out your week

One of the best things you can do for yourself over the weekend is to get next week planned out. Grab a notebook and a pen, put on an awesome playlist, and write down everything you need to do the following week. From errands you need to run to work meetings to your friends birthday that you just can’t forget, writing out what you have to do will help your brain relax (and you’ll feel more prepared). It can be hard to enjoy your weekend when you’re worried about what you have to do in the week to come. Getting it out onto paper (or a calendar app) can help you free your mind up for some weekend fun and make the coming week go more smoothly.

2. Spend some time alone

If you have a hectic work or school life and weekends are your only down time, it’s easy to pack those two days off full of activities. Brunch with your girls, a date night with your honey, and time with your family are all important but so is having time just for you. People need time alone to destress. If you want to be able to handle stress better during the week, use some of your time during the weekend to catch up on solo relaxation time. Your body, your mind, and your week will thank you.

3. Tidy up

Weekends are the perfect time to catch up on all the cleaning you meant to do during the week. Throw out old food from the fridge (week old Chinese food has got to go). Empty your pursed and organize it so you can actually find stuff in it. Hang up your clothes (and put together some outfits for the week while you’re at it). Go through every area of your home and put things where they belong. Starting the week off with a clean, organized space will help you feel like a total boss.

4. Plan something fun for the week ahead

Almost everyone dreads Monday’s. I get it. If you have a case of the Sunday night blues, try planning something fun for the middle of next week. You’ll feel a lot less bummed about rolling out of your toasty bed on Monday morning when you know you have a cooking class or movie night planned in a few days. Studies have found that anticipating something can give you just as much, if not more, joy than actually doing it.

5. Learn something new

No, watching a new episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend doesn’t count as learning something new. Use some of your weekend down time to read a book you’ve had your eye on or take a course to learn something you’ve always been curious about. People who are constantly learning new skills have more confidence. And is there any better way to slay a Monday than to show it who’s boss?

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