16 Ways To Remove Menstrual Cup Smell
Mar 23, 2015    10 Comments

“How do I remove the funk from my menstrual cup?” Don’t be embarrassed.- It’s not the first time that we’ve heard this question… To answer this easily, the team at Lunette have complied 6 easy and effective tips to getting rid of menstrual cup odor.

  1. Boil your menstrual cup. Boil your cup for 5-10 minutes. Make sure you use a deep pot to boil your menstrual cup otherwise you will risk burning or warping your menstrual care device!
  2. Rubbing Alcohol. Wipe thoroughly or soak your menstrual cup for an hour with rubbing alcohol. (Soaking in hydrogen peroxide 3% will freshen it too.) Pro tip: You can also use a toothpick soaked in rubbing alcohol to clean out your menstrual cup holes. Allow your cup to air dry in the sun completely before use.
  3. Lemon Juice. Soak your menstrual cup for an hour, or wipe down with lemon juice. Be sure to boil your menstrual cup for a few minutes to get rid of any lemon juice residue before use!
  4. Spirit Vinegar. Make a solution of half water and half vinegar and soak your menstrual cup for an hour.
  5. Cleansing wipes, specifically for menstrual cups. The Lunette CupWipes are a great, easy option for sanitizing your Lunette menstrual cup when you don’t have a chance to rinse it with water. The wipes are individually wrapped and fit conveniently in your purse or pocket. You can use your Lunette menstrual cup anywhere you go – at the gym, office or even camping!
  6. Menstrual cup wash. The Lunette Feelbetter Liquid Wash is designed for washing a silicone cup. But you can also use some other liquid soap that is fragrance-free, oil-free and has a mild to acidic pH (between 3,5 and 5,5). Just be sure it does not contain oils, since they can stick to the cup and create a film that could irritate the body.

Do NOT use washing up liquid or wash your cup in the dishwasher!

Some women just have a stronger odor in their menstrual flow (and also one’s sense of smell is better during your period.) Pro tip: Always rinse the cup first with cold water- it helps!


(10) Comments


Dec 31, 2015 AT 02:55 AM

I've soaked mine in bi-carb and boiling water with a litte tea tree oil. Not sure if this is damaging or not though.

Team Lunette

Jan 04, 2016 AT 14:16 PM

Hi Meredith!

A drop of oil is fine. Bigger amount makes harm to the cup.



Jan 14, 2016 AT 17:32 PM

I've put mine in a little vinegar and 1/2 tea spoon of baking soda... Is that damaging for the cup?

Lunette Team

Jan 18, 2016 AT 11:12 AM

Hi Mia!

That is not damaging the cup at all :)


Feb 08, 2016 AT 02:22 AM

Hi is it okay to soak a silicone cup in 5% hydrogen peroxide?

Lunette Team

Feb 08, 2016 AT 14:10 PM

Hi Amelia!

Yes it is :)


Feb 25, 2016 AT 17:02 PM

Would apple cider vinegar also work or does it have to be white vinegar?

Lunette Team

Feb 29, 2016 AT 18:48 PM

Hi Annie!

Apple cider vinegar works as well! :)


Jun 18, 2016 AT 07:06 AM

Question - you soak it between removal during period or just after ?

Lunette Team

Jun 18, 2016 AT 21:06 PM

Hi Kelly! You don't need to soak it unless there is an extra smell, then soaking between periods is normally fine.


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