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The world is full of amazing women, but very rarely we hear about them and their acts. This year we want to introduce them to you. In February, we rolled out 8 of them.

Chris Bobel

Chris Bobel is an associate professor and chair of women's studies at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and the author of The Paradox of Natural Mothering. She is the president of the Society of Menstrual Cycle Research and menstruation activist. Enough said.

Saara Särmä ja Rosa Meriläinen

Finnish women Saara Särmä and Rosa Meriläinen are the presidents of Ajatushautomo Hattu, a feminist company which provides workshops and lectures on topics such as how to be funny. Saara is also a founder of the tumblr-success "all-male panel".

Alice Schwarzer

Alice Schwarzer is a German journalist and author. She is founder and publisher of the German feminist journal EMMA. Over the years, she has become a strong voice of women empowerment movement and an icon of German television.

Josefin Persdotter

Josefin Persdotter, a graduate from the University of Gothenburg is THE MsMenstruation herself. This Swedish woman has blogged about period shame and has done amazing job normalizing periods.

Camilla Wirseen

Camilla Wirseen's The Cup has changed thousands of girls' lives in Kenya and India. She invented The Cup while seeing how periods may prevent girls living the life to the fullest. True inspiration!

Margaret Cho

Three-time Grammy and Emmy-nominated American comedian Margaret Cho isn't afraid of talking about period stains. She is witty and hilarious all while empowering women worldwide.

Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem is a legendary American feminist and social activist who has been a leader of a feminist movement for over 40 years. She'd written many books, and in 2015 she published her first book for over twenty years and is more current than ever.

pictures: Elina Tuomi


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