1How to Clean Your Lunette
Apr 07, 2015    13 comments

For us gals who use Lunette cups, keeping it clean is the most important thing. After all, the cup is going into our bodies. Although some believe that reusable does not equal clean (they´re wrong), we should all remember that even disposable products are not completely sterile.

With proper care and a quick clean, your Lunette cup will be ready to serve you for another reuse.

First use

Wash your hands and clean the Lunette cup by washing with water and a mild liquid soap free of coloring agents and parfumes. Then boil it in a large amount of water for 20 minutes before first use. Make sure that there is enough water so that the cup does not burn on the bottom. TIP: Place the cup in a wire whisk to prevent contact with the bottom of the pan during boiling.

For day-to-day cleaning

We of course recommend our Feelbetter Liquid Wash that is designed for washing a silicone cup. But you can also use some other liquid soap that is fragrance-free, oil-free and has a mild to acidic pH (between 3,5 and 5,5). Just be sure it does not contain oils, since they can stick to the cup and create a film that could irritate the body. Do NOT use washing up liquid or wash your cup in the dishwasher! THAT is a definite no no!

To disinfect the cup after your cycle so it is ready for the next time: with our Cupwipes, or wipe down with rubbing alcohol (alcohol denat.). Lunette can be boiled for a few minutes in a clean pan and some gals I know use those microwave containers for sterilizing baby nappies. Just remember to keep the cup submerged in water so that it doesn´t burn or get cooked. This happens all the time! That's why I think using alcohol is the best option. It is easier & quicker - not to mention accident-free.

To get rid of lingering odor

Set in sunshine for a day. The odor thing happens for some people, our scent and sense of smell is different. Mine has never had an odor but we get this question from time to time. Also, lemon juice: Just squeeze a lemon and wipe the cup with or soak in. Works!

***The best way to get rid of stains***

The best way to get rid of stains is to soak in 3% Hydrogen peroxide. The kind you get at the grocery store in USA. After a soak, it will make the cup look like brand new. Or so I hear. This tip is from an American colleague, haven´t tested myself. If you want a more natural alternative, try spirit vinegar. And lemon juice works for stains too.

Cleaning the airholes

Fill the cup with water, place your palm on it, turn upside down and squeeze. When the water squirts out through the airholes, they are instantly cleaned! Also you can use a blunt toothpick soaked in rubbing alcohol. Or a toothbrush dedicated to this purpose. Do not use sharp items on your cup, like needles and such. They will do more damage than good.

Saving the best for last

Always wash your hands! Hands can be full of germs that can travel from your cup to your vagina. So hand hygiene is vital. If nothing else, remember that!  


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Jun 23, 2015 AT 05:50 AM

You guys suggest cleaning it with rubbing alcohol but isn't that bad for your vagina?

Lunette team

Jun 23, 2015 AT 09:25 AM

Hi Kelsey!
You shouldn't put the cup back in when it's still wet. Let the rubbing alcohol dry and then use the cup. That way it won't hurt your vagina.


Jul 02, 2015 AT 20:30 PM

Is dr. bronner baby unscented pure castile liquid soap a good soap to clean the lunette with?


Jul 02, 2015 AT 20:57 PM

Is Dr. Bronner's Uncented baby-mild pure castile soap good to use to clean the lunette?


Jul 14, 2015 AT 07:51 AM

Can I use Dove Sensitive soap to clean my cup with?

Lunette team

Jul 14, 2015 AT 10:07 AM

Hey all!
We recommend using Lunette Feelbetter wash with Lunette cups and with other soaps we can't unfortunately say anything for sure. We don't know the ingredients of all brands so please just check that the soap is mild, fragrance-free and doesn't contain oils. If you notice any burning or itching feeling stop using the soap and clean your cup with rubbing alcohol properly.


Aug 07, 2015 AT 22:41 PM

I have a lunette and a diva cup. Is it okay that I use the diva wash for both cups?

Lunette team

Aug 07, 2015 AT 22:58 PM

Hi Kristina!
Unfortunately we don't know exact ingredients of Divawash but since it's made for silicone menstrual cup it should be totally safe to use with Lunette cups too.


Sep 15, 2015 AT 09:47 AM

Hi, there. Is it OK to use those microwave sterilizer bags to sterilize my Lunette? I was just wondering, cause we use only 60ml of water and the cup is not under water...

Lunette Team

Sep 17, 2015 AT 14:23 PM

Hi Luciana, in theory I would say that Lunette can be sterilized with that kind of bag which is intended for silicone pacifiers and teats. The bag creates steam that sanitizes, right? But these sterilizing bags have not been tested with our cups so I cannot say for sure. Usually we recommend that the cup is fully submerged in water when boiled in a microwave.


Sep 23, 2015 AT 23:55 PM

Hi I'm wondering can I wash my cup in Milton after my cycle or do I need to boil it again?? Or is it as simple as using the Lynette feel better wash letting it dry and putting it in the bag until next month? Sorry this is all new to me and I want to make sure that I'm cleaning my cup correctly :) Thanks Donna


Sep 24, 2015 AT 00:08 AM

Hi, I'm wondering if I can clean my cup with Milton at the end of my cycle? Or do I just use the feelbetter wash and pop it bag in the bag for next month? Sorry I'm new to this and I want to make sure that I'm cleaning my cup correctly. Thanks Donna :)

Lunette Team

Sep 24, 2015 AT 13:08 PM

Hi Donna! Feel free to ask as much as you want! We recomment to clean it with our cleanser because it is the most optimal for Lunette cup. You can wash your cup with it during the period and then at the end of the cycle and then store the cup in its bag. Next month just wash it again before first use and you are good to go :) You can boil it too if you want but it is not necessary. If you want to boil it just make sure the water boils for 20 minutes to kill all the bacteria. Our cup wipes sterilizes 100% and are super easy to use. Just make sure the cup is dry when you put it back in.

The reason we always recomment our own cleaning products is that we have tested it with our cups and are one hundred procent sure they don't harm you or your cup.

Hope this helped you!



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