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Lauren Singer’s Four Item Beauty Routine

Lauren has been living without trash for over three years. At the same time she decided to make her own cosmetics. Sounds difficult? Well, it's not!

21 10 2015

Lauren Singer has been living without trash for over three years. At the same time she also decided to make her own cosmetics. Sounds difficult? Well it's not! Let Lauren explain better.

Living without making trash probably means I don’t have access to beauty products, right?


Since adopting a Zero Waste lifestyle three years ago, I have transitioned away from all store bought products, minimized my beauty routine, and simplified my life. How have I done this? By making all of my own products.

I used to have dozens of beauty products. Multiple lotions, creams, deodorant, toothpaste... all of these things that society seemed to be telling me that I needed. Truthfully, I bought into it, I really thought I needed them. But when I transitioned to a Zero Waste lifestyle, it turned out that I didn’t need most of the products that I was certain that I did, in fact, I only needed four.

My Zero waste beauty routine is now clean and simple: I wake up in the morning and brush my teeth with toothpaste that I make myself, moisturize with my own face oil blend and body lotion, and keep all stinkiness away using my homemade deodorant. I repeat this routine at night. That’s it. Four items and zero waste.

You might be thinking... “​That must be SO time consuming, making all of her own products!”, ​“​I can’t do that”, ​or “​I can’t afford it”​. But the truth is, it is neither time consuming nor inaccessible. In fact, making my own products has saved me a lot of time. In addition to that, it has saved me money, kept toxic chemicals out of my body, and resulted in less trash entering landfill.

I save time

One of the biggest responses I get when I tell people that I make my own products is, “​ but doesn't that take so much time!?”​ Nope, it really doesn’t Most of these products don’t take more than a few minutes to make, which is exponentially less time than I would spend walking to the store and back to buy an item. Making my own beauty products is much faster than buying them! For example, for me to go and buy toothpaste at the store would take me about 20 minutes. Making it at home takes about 30 seconds. Don’t believe me?

Check out this video of me making it:

I save money

Going to the store and buying beauty products was not at all cost effective. I’d be lucky if I escaped a pharmacy without spending upwards of $40.00 on a couple of things. Now, instead of paying $6.00 for a natural toothpaste, I pay about $.40 for the same amount. Instead of paying $14 + dollars for lotion, I spend about $1 - $2 to make mine. Besides being drastically less expensive, they are also better for the environment.

I keep toxins out of my body

This is the primary reason that I started making my own cleaning products. I began learning about some of the ingredients that were lurking in both conventional and more sustainable products: triclosan, ​potentially carcinogenic and disruptive of the endocrine system, a​ nd sodium lauryl sulfate (​SLS), possibly contaminated with 1-4 dioxane, a carcinogen, a​ mongst a long list of others​.​ Realizing that product manufacturers had the ability to put toxic chemicals in the products I was buying, and that by buying them, I was putting myself at risk, I decided to begin making my own products to have complete control over what I put in and on my body. Instead of chemicals, I make all of my products using organic, vegan, and fair-trade ingredients, all of which I would be A-OK if ingested.

I keep trash out of landfills

Besides saving you time, being less expensive, and healthier, making my own products is super sustainable. When you think of conventionally packaged beauty products they typically come packaged in... plastic. A lot of the time it is plastic that is not recyclable and thus ends right in landfill or in our oceans resulting in pollution. NO BUENO. Instead I buy the simple and easy to find ingredients for my homemade products in bulk or package free and put them into refillable and washable containers to use over and over again, preventing any trash from being created.

It has been over three years that I have been making my own products and I have never looked back. Having control over what I use means that if I get bored of a scent or want to try something new, I can. I have that freedom. I can change my moisturizing oils seasonally, the scent of my deodorant in minutes, and the flavor of my toothpaste in seconds.

I began making my own products to decrease toxins and trash from my life, but what I gained was time, money, and freedom from companies telling me what I should buy, how much it needs to cost, and what they believe is best for me. Every person is different and we all like different products, scents, and ingredients. By making my four everyday products myself I now I have the ability to have each one be exactly how I want them to be!

To learn how to make your own products like toothpaste or lotion, head to Lauren’s blog,​ or her youtube channel:

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Ruth 25 10 2015

Whilst I completely agree with everything Lauren is doing and I have been emulating some of her product recipes to decrease my waste; the time it takes to walk to the store to by toothpaste is likely to be quicker than the walk to the two or three stores you have to walk to to buy the baking soda, coconut oil and essential oil needed to make the homemade toothpaste. At least it was more effort for me.

I think making your own products is a great thing for the environment but don't dress it up as easier. It's not. It's more time consuming, particularly at first. It takes effort, but still it is worth it.

Ruth 25 10 2015

I think what Lauren is doing is fantastic and making your own products is a fantastic way to help the environment and take control over what goes on and in your body. However, it's not easier.

The time it would take me to walk to the shop to buy toothpaste is much quicker than the 3 different shops I needed to walk to to buy baking soda, coconut oil and essential oil. I have made some of Lauren's recipes for beauty products and I think they are really good and great for trying to minimise my waste. But they are not easier. I think it's wrong to dress them up as this, because in truth it is more effort for most people, particularly at the beginning to live with less waste. The whole reason we produce so much waste is due to our reliance on convenience products.

Lunette Team 26 10 2015

Hi Ruth!

Good point! Not every grocery store near you have those ingredients. I know my small-ish store next to my home do not have coconut oil or essential oil. The start is slow indeed.

Sounds awesome that you have started to think about your waste. More people should be like you!

Have a great Halloween :)


Carmen 20 01 2016

It may be true if you are only making 1 product that it would be easier to just buy the premade product. However if you are making a lifestyle change you would purchase the bicarb (as it can be used it washing detergent, facial scrubs, as a deodoriser, a water softener, in cooking), the coconut oil (as it can be used as a hair treatment, moisturiser, natural sunscreen, used in cooking, nappy rash treatment, etc) and essential oils such as peppermint (a natural headache relief, deterring mice, as an anti-inflamatory, antiseptic, helps with nausea, and a lot more uses). So these ingredients would be used for more than just toothpaste thus making it easier and cheaper to get the ingredients to make many months of many different products.