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Menstrual Cup Counterfeits

Online, menstrual cup knock-offs may may look like the same Lunette product. You might be thinking…But think again!

23 03 2015

Online, menstrual cup knock-offs may look like the same Lunette product. You might be thinking…The price is they say it’s “safe to use.”

Check out this note that we received from a Lunette fan who purchased a counterfeit Lunette menstrual cup:

I purchased this cup, since it looked from the photos in the advertisement, like a completely novel design. The small version of the chinese cup looked like simply a narrower version of the large, but the same length (unlike the Lunette, where the small is shorter, and a different shape entirely) I loved the blue colour, and the little crescent on the stem (which can of course, be removed)

However, when the cup arrived, it is very clear to me that it is actually just another Lunette copy, like the Green Donna and the other “ebay cheapies” that we try and avoid.

The chinese cup also arrived damaged, with a puncture hole in the side of it, which of course makes it useless as a cup. I was very disappointed – I emailed the supplier and they did not reply/help/replace/refund, so I have completely wasted my money, but I suppose I have learned a lesson – buy the genuine product if you want good customer service!

I wish I had stayed with Lunette, but I was lured in by the beautiful blue colour of the chinese cup. It is rather a lovely colour, but I should have just bought a genuine Lunette Selene!

I feel terrible now that I have given money to a company that has stolen the Lunette design, but I did think it was something novel/unique/original until I received it and realised I had been fooled!

Kindest Regards

The Lunette menstrual cup retails for around 30€. If you see one priced much less, chances are it could be a counterfeit Lunette menstrual cup. When in doubt, send us an e-mail and the team at Lunette would be more than happy to verify the authenticity of the Lunette product in question.

Lunette’s official “Where to buy” page.

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