1Wearing Menstrual Cup After Pregnancy
Jan 17, 2015    0 comments

With the addition of a new child to the family the thought of how you're going to handle your period should be one of the last things on your mind.

The Lunette cup can be worn post-pregnancy. It's clean, comfortable and you'll save loads of money when it comes to menstrual products. Which is a good thing - because diapers are expensive!

Not sure you'll fit into your size 1 cup after pregnancy?

Just because you can't fit into your size 6 jeans anymore doesn't mean you'll have to throw out your size 1 Lunette menstrual cup! Even after kids you may still want to wear a size 1 cup. (I should mention that there lots of Lunette users who have not had kids who prefer the larger size 2 cup. Some women's bodies do change quite a bit with pregnancy and find that moving up to a size 2 Lunette menstrual cup is more comfortable for them during menses.

Check out our detailed menstrual cup sizing guide here for more good info on Lunette menstrual cup sizing!

You should not use a menstrual cup for postpartum bleeding. However, after your healthcare provider's "go-ahead" you should be able to use a menstrual cup easily and comfortably. Every body is different and the time it takes to heal from a vaginal birth varies from person to person. Consult your doctor before the use of your menstrual cup or any other internal feminine hygiene products.


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