1What Men Need to Know About Menstruation
Jan 31, 2015    0 Comments

Hey guys- yeah, we're talking to you! There are a few things us women want YOU to know about periods.

First of all, PMS is REAL. We're not being bitchy. It's a documented medical issue

You don't have to ignore that we're on our periods. Give us a little extra support during "our time of the month." Don't feel like giving us a massage? Offer up some Advil or hot tea to help ease our cramps! Feel free to empathize (and not in a sarcastic tone) with us on how uncomfortable menstruation can be. Just because you've never experienced menstruation first hand, it's not nearly as gross as you may think.

We pee...we poop...we bleed. Let us pig out. Our bodies use more calories during the time right before our periods and sometimes during. Because we're burning more calories- we need more calories. (Earn some good relationship karma and offer to make dinner!) Simple homemade lasagna recipe here.

Not all girls don't want to have sex during their period. In fact, having sex during our "time of the month" can help ease menstrual cramps! (Just think of all the free lube!) Worried about the hot mess? Lay down a towel or take it in the shower.

What else do men need to know about the menstruation cycle? Let us know!


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