Do you do THIS with your menstrual cup?


I use Size 1 (sometimes called Size A), not because my flow is light to moderate (it’s heavy), but because I can’t fit a large one in me. The sizes are typically advertised like that, too, so that felt a bit misleading. :/

Jane June 20, 2018

christine greer
“I do have a hard time getting it to open when inside.”

I do have a litle trick for opening and inserting cup. I bend over put one finger inside my vagina and let air come inside. That open space inside so it’s easier to put cup inside, and cup have space so it can open easely.

Ivana M June 12, 2018

I still have leakage when is heavy flow, which is often, second, third and fourth day, and then I have menstrual panties or/and small pad in combination with cup. I tried four differend cups, and it’s just like that. I can help it. When it’s important for me to be safe I put super plus tampon, but I’m trying to ware cup a much is possible.
It’s better for the body, and for environment.

Ivana M June 12, 2018

I love my cup. This is my first day trying it… I can feel it near my bladder… is that normal?

Yvette June 04, 2018

Using a cup makes me excited about my period.

Erin June 04, 2018

I just wanted to say that this cup has literally changed my LIFE! I have a very heavy flow, I would use “super” tampons and bleed through them in an hour. I was constantly leaking and stressed out while on my period. I honestly can’t tell enough people about Lunette. I no longer dread my cycle anymore. Thank you for giving me peace of mind and having my little lady’s back when she needs you most. :)

Alexis June 04, 2018

Best investment ever! I recommend this to everyou female ! Bonus, I feel better downstairs knowing how my flow looks and all the benefits my cup gives.

Brittany June 04, 2018

I do have a hard time getting it to open when inside.

christine greer May 24, 2018

The menstrual cup is One of my favorite products i have ever bought !

Anne May 24, 2018

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