How to be a sustainability hero: The guide for business owners

When it comes to business, the actions of a company have consequences. Modern customers like to know who they’re buying from; we’re compelled to buy products from businesses that act responsibly and sustainably. 

Would you give your hard-earned money to a corporation with a reputation for dumping waste or harming the environment? Hell no — and neither would we!

How does sustainability in business affect the world?

Businesses — especially large corporations — have a huge impact on the environment. From manufacturing to distribution, each step a company takes on the journey to get a product in your hands takes its toll. 

On the flip side, each major business that operates sustainably does a lot of good for the environment. The best news is that they don’t even need to be altruistic — if a company goes green purely as a means to an end to acquire more business, we’ll take it!

Here are just some of the benefits of businesses acting sustainably and responsibly.

  • It counteracts environmental issues — when a company goes carbon neutral or even carbon negative, it helps offset the pollution caused by the business’ operations.
  • It enhances workplace conditions — this means happier people to help businesses thrive.
  • It addresses human rights issues — businesses have a duty of care for its employees; every single one of us is entitled to our rights!
  • It plays a part in the bigger picture — the more companies that contribute towards sustainable development goals, the better off we all are.

Creating Jobs

A benefit of running a responsibility-driven business is providing jobs for people. Lunette is a Finnish brand, and our products are made and packed in Finland, which creates jobs for locals.

Another advantage of keeping things local is knowing first-hand about working conditions. Since our products are made and packed nearby, we know the production process well, and we know that the working conditions for employees meet the highest standards.

Responsible businesses can also provide particular types of jobs to people who are challenged in finding work. Titry, for example, is a unique organization that packs Lunette products. Titry employs people who have disabilities/a hard time getting jobs, meaning they can provide more opportunities for those who need it.

Keeping it eco-friendly

Luckily, there are many ways to make a positive environmental impact. For businesses that want to take sustainable steps, there are green initiatives that can help create eco-friendly offices. 

Here are some of the things that we do at Lunette:

We’re passionate about giving back and supporting a number of worthy causes. From gender equality to putting an end to period poverty, we are involved in some fantastic causes and activism projects. Find out more about the incredible charities and organisations that we work closely with, and how you can help too.

How does your business operate sustainably? Comment below and share with us your tips for a responsible and sustainable workplace!

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