Use of a menstrual cup helps many women become better acquainted with their bodies, and the internal anatomy of the vagina becomes more and more familiar. Especially if you happen to have the cup leak often, it is important to know and discover the cervix. The cervix is the point from which menstrual blood flows out of the womb, about the pinhead-sized hole to the vagina. If you explore the cervix with your finger, it feels a bit like the tip of your nose. And it looks - well, about like a little pink donut. Some women can touch the...

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The Cervix
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We've all had the "birds and bees" talk by now, right? Sperm meets egg, fetus is created, 9 months later a baby is born. Of course, it's not as simple as that but you get the picture. What we don't talk about nearly enough is that your genitals and sexual organs aren't just about reproductive health. They're also designed (some more than others) to make you feel good.  When you have a good knowledge of which parts of your body are meant to make you feel good, it's easier to understand what turns you on (and off). And that is powerful. Getting to know your...

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The Anatomy of Pleasure
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Here at Lunette, we believe that knowing your anatomy gives you power. Why, you ask? Great question! If you have a vagina, you've probably worried about: it tasting or smelling bad it not being "normal" (uh, what does normal even mean?) it changing a lot after having a baby what your sexual partners think about it what having an STI might look like  You also may have been led to believe (by media, health classes, friends, or family) that: they are weird or dirty that your vulva is called your vagina  that there is one way to have a perfect pussy (thanks...

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It's Time to Get to Know Your Vulva and Vagina Better
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