If you’ve ever had a period then you know that monthly bleeding is a luxury afforded to only about half the population. Wait...what? That claim seems outrageous and, for many of us who bleed, offensive. Anyone who has ever dug through their bag in desperate hopes of trying to find a tampon can attest to the fact that having a period is no luxury. And yet, the people who wrote the laws allowing adult diapers and viagras to be tax-exempt items, while levying a hefty tax on tampons, seem to disagree. The reality of this is that tampons - and...

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What is the Tampon Tax?
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We’ll tell you how a period product can be a feminist choice. We get it. Not everyone experiences their period in the same way. For some, being on your period is not at all a positive experience. Obviously, the team members at Lunette are proud of ours periods and we are happy to celebrate our bodies ability to menstruate! (Fun fact: Not all bodies menstruate. And not all people who menstruate identify as women.) Periods are red, not blue. Period blood is red. Period. You don’t need to shame your periods. Approximately one billion people are on their periods right...

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Can a Period Product be a Feminist Choice?
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At Lunette, we celebrate and welcome diversity. We are an International company with headquarters all over the world. We don’t just publicize that we’re part of many communities, we live it. Recently, The LGBTQ center at New York University and Lunette connected. We both have a common goal. To support access to affordable and easy to use menstrual care products and provide education and support. At the NYU LGBTQ Student Center (A Student Center for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Ally Community), our top priority is making resources available to our students. We offer tangible resources: our student...

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Celebrating All The Different Kinds of Queer Bodies That Have Periods!
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