I am menstruating today. There is such radical possibilities for these four little words. When uttered by a menstruator in a public space - they cultivate such disgust, fear, detestation and panic. These four little words got me into the world of menstrual activism, and get me caught up in daily conversations with strangers about the importance of reproductive justice and menstrual health. Four little words that generated a crowd of 200 people from 27 countries and 6 continents at the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research conference to cheer. This group of activists, academics, artists, scholars & researchers is the...

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I am Menstruating Today
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At Lunette, we celebrate and welcome diversity. We are an International company with headquarters all over the world. We don’t just publicize that we’re part of many communities, we live it. Recently, The LGBTQ center at New York University and Lunette connected. We both have a common goal. To support access to affordable and easy to use menstrual care products and provide education and support. At the NYU LGBTQ Student Center (A Student Center for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Ally Community), our top priority is making resources available to our students. We offer tangible resources: our student...

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Celebrating All The Different Kinds of Queer Bodies That Have Periods!
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As long as menstruation has been around (i.e. forever) it’s been classified as something uniquely feminine. Throughout centuries of civilization, individual cultures have identified periods as either a sacred and powerful time or a dangerous and unclean one. But regardless of how societies feel about the process of menstruation itself, it has been clearly labeled as something that embodies femininity in its most untouched state. Seemingly an ancient thought process to those of us who understand the need for inclusivity, the words feminine and period still go hand in hand today. You see it used on the packaging of period...

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Gender and Period Care Products
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