Find out why menstruation and periods are a public health issue and why Nairobi Innovation Week is inviting Lunette to speak about this issue, innovation and inspiring young entrepreneurs!
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Menstruation as a public health issue: Nairobi Innovation Week
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It feels great to give back, right? As a savvy woman, with the world at her fingertips, it’s important to stay up to speed on what’s happening to girls across the globe who may not have it so easy. We’ve got to ban together for change! Since the beginning of Lunette, our founder Heli has made charity work a big focus of our mission. Some of our first projects were with World Vision (2010) and Kate Brooks (2012), where we donated Lunette cups to local women in Kenya and educated them on health issues. Why is this important? The most...

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Providing Aide to Menstruating Girls In Need
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When it comes to business, sustainability and responsibility are uber important. Would you choose to support or run a company that dumps ridiculous amounts of waste into landfills, or creates harsh work environments for employees? Hell to the no. And we wouldn’t either! How does sustainability and responsibility in business affect the world? Counteracts environmental issues: we only have ONE planet earth after all. Enhances workplace conditions: equating in happier peeps. Addresses human rights issues: as people, we are all entitled to our rights! Creating Jobs A benefit of running responsibility driven business is providing jobs for people in the...

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Sustainable Strength in Business
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We are thrilled to announce our partnership with The CUP Foundation. Together, Lunette and The CUP team are on a mission to get menstrual cups in the hands of girls in Kenya and India. To find out how you can help The CUP Foundation and Lunette cup make periods healthier and safer check out TheCup.Org's "Take Action" link here.   Team Lunette and are on a mission to get menstrual cups in the hands of girls in Kenya and India. focuses on the rights and needs of menstrual care, medical assistance and education for adolescent girls. To ensure...

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Lunette Cup and The CUP On A Mission For Change
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2017 has been a busy and exciting year for Lunette and we can't wait to share what we've been up to! Skid Row Carnival LA To start, Lunette president, Cathy, headed out to Los Angeles to participate in the Skid Row Carnival of Love -- a celebration of love where we helped to make sure that underprivileged girls and women had period care products.  Check out this video (try not to cry from how beautiful it is):    And some pictures from the event:       Self-Care Faire NYC Then, in February, we headed to the New Women Space...

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Spreading the Cup Love from NYC to LA
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