There are a lot of ways to make your period a little less painful. From binge watching Broad City (hey, it’s therapeutic to watch all that awkwardness!) to jamming out in the kitchen, cake batter covered mixing spoon in hand, we’re big fans of doing what ya gotta do. The more fun it is, the better. Whether you want to go for a drive around town to let out some period-induced steam or you want to get steamy in a hot bubble bath, we’ve created the ultimate period playlist for you. And no, they aren’t just songs with the word...

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The Ultimate Period Playlist
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When I was a teenager my vagina was highly problematic. It was excessively moody. It was extremely mysterious. It was extraordinarily microscopic. It felt like there was a brick wall blocking the almighty entrance to my nether regions. For a long while I wasn’t even sure that I actually had a vaginal canal because it was impossible to access and operate and… pleasure. Now, that I’m more familiar with the ways of my own anatomy I realize that for me pleasure has NOTHING to do with the vagina and EVERYTHING to do with the glorious clitoris. Who needs penetration when...

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My Menstrual Cup Success Story by comedian Jess Beaulieu
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