I began my menstrual journey at age 15 with a belted pad and knowledge that a week each month my body would betray me.

I was lost where periods were concerned and embarrassed to ask for help/advice because all my friends started at 12. My periods were so heavy that I wore plastic panties and still leaked often. I remember leaking on my clothing and what I sat on at school, on the bus and at home.

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My first period story: how my relationship with my body changed my life
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Ovulation is a topic most of us know about but don’t fully understand, which is why we’re here to set some facts straight. Whether or not you and your partner are deciding to conceive, it’s important to understand what your body is doing and at what times, especially if getting pregnant is not in your current plans!
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Can I Get Pregnant During My Period?
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I never thought that the image of a stained pair of ordinary underwear lying unceremoniously on my teenage room floor would have remained burned in my memory for almost a decade. In the field of psychology, that kind of mental image is called a flashbulb memory – a vivid, if not incomplete, image that remains like a snapshot in your mind. Kind of like the blinding flash of a camera irreparably tattooing a memory onto your brain - a scar if you will. In the case of my first period, it was a memory that would change my life forever.
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Bleeding for Freedom
 – My First Period as a Non-binary Menstruator
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When did you get your first period? Teens with a uterus usually start their first period around the ages of 10-15. Although some young menstruators will be educated on what to expect before and during their period, there are many young teens in the U.S. who won’t.
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Period Power: Education and Periods In The U.S.
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According to the 2017 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress of the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development, it was estimated that 39 percent (215,709 people) were women experiencing homelessness. A little under 61 percent were men, and less than 1 percent identified as either transgender or non-binary.
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Period Power: Homelessness and Periods In The U.S.
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This month we’re celebrating all the ways we can use 12 hours when we don’t have to worry about our period (Yaass Queeen)! But what’s the deal with the 12 hours? How often should I be emptying my menstrual cup really? Here’s all you need to know: How long can I keep the Lunette menstrual cup in for? The Lunette menstrual cup can be used for up to 12 straight hours. Of course everyone is different and those with a heavier flow may need to empty their cup more often (more on that below). Why 12 hours? The Lunette menstrual...

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How often do I need to empty my menstrual cup?
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Tired of seeing those period commercials that show us how absorbent their tampons or pads are from a blue liquid representing our period blood? (they’re SO OFF if they think our vaginas are producing that color). Okay okay, in all seriousness, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to relate to a single one of those period commercials, have you? If I’m wearing a pad and doing yoga at the same time, there’s absolutely no way I’m going to feel fresh and comfortable, and I’m definitely not all smiles during my period week! If tampon and pad commercials were honest,...

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Period ads are out, REAL MENSTRUATING HUMANS are in
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If you bleed, you’ve had a #periodfail. It just comes with the territory. Maybe it was on a first date (WHY DID I WEAR THOSE WHITE JEAN SHORTS??!!) Or being at someone’s house and afraid to put that used tampon wrapped in toilet paper in the completely empty and open wastebasket. I think most of us can admit we’ve had a moment in time where we have felt like we had just totally had a #periodfail. Team Lunette is determined to take the shame out of bleeding- a totally natural, healthy function of life- and to turn these #periodfails into...

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Turn Your Fail Into a Win- Like a Boss!
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There are a lot of ways to make your period a little less painful. From binge watching Broad City (hey, it’s therapeutic to watch all that awkwardness!) to jamming out in the kitchen, cake batter covered mixing spoon in hand, we’re big fans of doing what ya gotta do. The more fun it is, the better. Whether you want to go for a drive around town to let out some period-induced steam or you want to get steamy in a hot bubble bath, we’ve created the ultimate period playlist for you. And no, they aren’t just songs with the word...

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The Ultimate Period Playlist
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If you’ve ever had a period then you know that monthly bleeding is a luxury afforded to only about half the population. Wait...what? That claim seems outrageous and, for many of us who bleed, offensive. Anyone who has ever dug through their bag in desperate hopes of trying to find a tampon can attest to the fact that having a period is no luxury. And yet, the people who wrote the laws allowing adult diapers and viagras to be tax-exempt items, while levying a hefty tax on tampons, seem to disagree. The reality of this is that tampons - and...

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What is the Tampon Tax?
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The sun shines, it is +30 degreeds out there – and you have your periods with cramps and super oppresive feeling. Sounds familiar? Periods can be a real pain in the a** (pardon my French) when the weather screams ”Come out, go to the beach, enjoy the sun” but your body says ”I just wanna lay in the bed with 5 kilos of chocolate”. With these Lunette tips you can still enjoy the great weather even though you have your ”that time in the month”! 1. Drink When it’s hot and moist out there your body needs more fluids than...

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Summer and Periods
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Do you suffer from significantly heavy menstrual periods? You are not alone. About one-third of menstruating women also deal with heavy periods, also called Menorrhagia.  Menorrhagia occurs when one experiences heavy menstrual bleeding of at least 80 milliliters. (That is, approximately three full menstrual cups.) Heavy menstrual periods are no harm to everyone, but some people may experience anemia or iron deficiency due to menorrhagia. Symptoms, like anemia- include fatigue, weakness and dizziness, and they can be seen in low hemoglobin or blood iron values. If your doctor has diagnosed you with menorrhagia, your hemoglobin may be monitored on a...

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Heavy Periods? You May Have Menorrhagia
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