Why does my vagina itch *days* before my period?

Have you ever noticed your vagina starts to itch a few days before your period…? Could it be a yeast infection? Maybe, maybe not. Many menstruating humans experience vaginal itching in different stages of their menstrual cycle. Remember, the menstrual cycle lasts ~28 days, having different functions in each stage, and every uterus is different! But why is it so common for people to experience that deadly itch before menstrual bleeding?

It could be many reasons, but it always links back to vaginal pH levels. A normal pH level for your vagina ranges from 3.5-4.5, which means it is acidic. If your pH levels are higher than 7, it is considered alkaline, which means your pH levels are too high and infection has risen. You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again – your vagina is a self-cleaning oven, which means it doesn’t need any scented soaps or creams (that will mess with your pH balance) to get clean! A simple rinse with water will do the trick.

Hormones also play a key role in your itchy vagina. Your vagina experiences a decrease of estrogen levels during the start of your period (the follicular phase). This change in estrogen is making your vaginal wall go all kinds of crazy, causing the vaginal wall to thin, increase inflammation, and create more acid in your vagina. Guess what? Yeast loves acidity, which could be one of the reasons why you feel itchy down there.

Aside from itching, many people also experience stinging and irritating sensations just days before or during their period. They could be experiencing cyclic vulvovaginitis. 

We’ll elaborate.

Cyclic vulvovaginitis refers to the recurrent burning *and itching* happening down there before or during menstrual bleeding. It could mean that your vagina is experiencing intense burning, stinging, and overall irritation due to candida infection. How lovely does this sound? Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, don’t even THINK about having sexual intercourse – your vaginal walls will scream Bloody Mary.

Are you boiling your menstrual cup before and after every cycle?

If you want to prevent your vagina from getting a yeast infection or other unwanted cause for itch, you've got to make sure you're boiling your menstrual cup consistently and cleaning it properly! Our Lunette FeelBetter Cup Cleanser not only cleans your cup, but it doesn't have any harsh chemicals that will mess with your pH levels! It's a win-win situation. 

So how can we treat an itchy vagina, especially before menstruation?

Hopefully you don’t always experience discomfort before or during your period, but if you do, there are many ways to prevent itchiness and keep your pH levels balanced. Raw probiotic pills are a vagina’s best friend. Eating probiotic-rich foods such as yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, tempeh, or miso can also make a great impact. Let’s not forget about cranberry juice – that stuff is full of acidic compounds that will fight off bacteria and keep your vagina happy. Also, tight, synthetic underwear can suffocate your vagina and create moisture, so remember to let it breathe! ;) 

If you’re eating healthy, exercising, cleaning your cup right, and taking care of yourself, then you're doing it right!


Hi Ann! Thanks for your question! We’re sorry to hear you’re dealing with pre period itchiness. This is quite common, and there are non medical ways to help with the itching. As vaginal itching is caused by your pH balance being out of whack, you can begin with natural steps like upping your probiotic intake, or using a pH balancing intimate wash. :) Hormonal birth control will not fix the pH balance of the vagina. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@lunette.com if there is anything else we can assist with!
-Team Lunette

Lunette Menstrual Mentor March 04, 2021

Hi, could birth control pills end with that itchiness before the period starts? My gynecologist said that they could help me with other problems (my period is really long and painful) but I refused to take them. Now I don’t know what to do. I kinda feel that in my case the itchiness could be because of an hormonal issue because have it some days before my period starts and when it finishes I don’t feel it anymore. Also when I feel the itchiness my vagina is so dry but I don’t feel pain, that burning sensation or any other symptom. Thank you

Ann March 04, 2021

Hi Tabitha! Because everybody and every BODY is different, we recommend consulting a doctor for a more detailed explanation into the itching you are experiencing <3
-Team Lunette

Lunette Menstrul Mentor October 12, 2020

Hi Naomi! Itching before periods is quite common and can go away on its own. If the itching is severe or lasts longer the culprit may be infection and it is best to consult a doctor. If you are concerned about your period it is also best to check in with a doctor about it. As we are not medical professionals we cannot offer diagnosis. <3
-Team Lunette

Lunette Menstrual Mentor October 12, 2020

Hi, I only experience itching few days before my period but after my period ends, the itching stops and when it’s time for ovulation, it begins again.. i want to know the reason for it.

tabitha October 12, 2020

Hello, I have been having an itching Virginia for three days now and my period came today looking very dark. Please is it normal?

Naomi October 12, 2020

Hi, I only experience itching few days before my leriod but after my period ends, the itching stops and when it’s time for ovulation, it begins again.. Is it hormones and is it totally safe and healthy?

Rose May 22, 2020

Hi Javeria! We recommend contacting a doctor so they can examine the cause of the itch and provide relief. :)
-Team Lunette

Lunette Menstrual Mentor May 01, 2020

Hi, Sabrina! We encourage you to consult a doctor as soon as possible so they can offer you relief. :)
-Team Lunette

Lunette Menstrual Mentor May 01, 2020

I have burning itching sensation like for 5 months before and during my period and it’s happening during the month recently when sleeping with boyfriend it’s even worse it’s sore paining and like burning during and after sex it’s horrible and sore what do you think is the reason or should I see a doctor?

Sabrina May 01, 2020

Hi, I have itchy vijina. From 2 mnths but not regular. When I use creams or home remdy. All redness & itchng vanished away. But after some days it suddenly get itchng. What should I do?

Javeria May 01, 2020

Hi Mathias!

Thank you for the kind words :) We’re so glad you found this post helpful!
-Team Lunette

Lunette Menstrual Mentor October 25, 2019

First of all, thank you very much for using neutral language. I don’t normally comment but had to make an exception because of that.
This is my first time experiencing itching and irritation down there and I was so concerned at first! After reading this article I feel relieved. I checked and it seems like my period is gonna start soon.
Thank you for your help.

Mathias October 25, 2019

I am having itching in my vagina, is it as a result of my period coming

Olukayode Esther October 25, 2019

Hi Mohini and Sophie!

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this burning sensation!
Because everybody, and every BODY, is different we recommend reaching out to your doctor to explore why this might be happening.

Lunette Menstrual Mentor October 10, 2019

Hi Lunette,

Every time I get periods I get stinging and burning sensation down there. I was diagnosed with Bacterial vaginosis though it’s cured now still this stinging sensation continues before and during periods which is highly unbearable I feel like placing icecubes such is the level of burning sensation. Please help it’s so distressing.

Mohini October 10, 2019

Hi, when my period arrives I know it’s present as I get a strong burning sensation inside of my vagina. It’s like the blood is burning me is the only way to describe it. Once I visit the bathroom and pass the blood waiting inside it’s relieved until it releases more blood. I’m not sure if this is an infection but I don’t itch it just burns like mad. Like I’m reacting to my own blood.
This has gone on for some months now. I do not suffer with burning or itching between periods. I have also been tested for STIs and that’s a negative.
Please help me!

Sophie Smith October 10, 2019

Hello lunette,
I usually witness icthy and headach a day before menstruation. Secondly, my menstruation at times comes on the 26th day like the case of this month.

Baba Gertrude September 13, 2019

About a week before my period I get a fissure on the very top part of my vulva. It never fails. I get it healed and a week before my period it breaks open again. It’s a very uncomfortable cycle. Any thoughts or tips would be so helpful.

Ashley September 13, 2019

Hi Komali!

Sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing itching! Most of the time it stops by itself but sometimes the culprit is infection.

Itching before periods is quite normal because the secretion of vaginal discharge decreases.

Make sure you use breathable underwear (materials such as cotton) and avoid harsh soaps in vaginal area. Wash yourself once a day with plain water but don’t spray water straight to your vagina. This washes away the good bacteria and might make the itching worse.

If the itching continues or worsens it might be good to visit a doctor in case of infection. Also, should you be worried about your menstrual cycle being different than it used to, please consult a doctor.

Best regards,
Team Lunette

Lunette Menstrual Cup August 30, 2019

Hi Tiana!

It may be best to get this looked at by a doctor to rule out infection.

Itching after sex is normal because sperm is alkaline whereas vagina is quite acid which can cause discomfort or itching. It can also be that due to the movement during sex the vagina gets irritated, espescially if you aren’t lubricated/moist enough.

Best regards,
Team Lunette

Lunette Menstrual Cup August 30, 2019

lunette, every time I have sex and is done my vagina hurts like its torn or has a scratch…it hurts more when urine touches it. I wish to know if its an infection or what?

tiana August 30, 2019

hi, lunette… I usually have serious burns during menstruation and when I urinate it burns a lot. I don’t know if its an infection or overheating down there from the sanitary pad and blood

tiana August 30, 2019

From last 2month I’m getting vagina itiching 10 days before to my regular monthly period. And getting menstrual cycle 10 days early. Want I wanna do plz suggest me?

Komali August 30, 2019

Hi Joy,

Even the most predictable period may be coming later. There is so much that can influencer the menstrual cycle and cause the period to come earlier or later. Medicine can have an influnce and maybe this is causing the itching. However it is always best to check with your doctor. Your doctor may provide you with valuable insights and is the best person to speak to when it comes to health problems.

Team Lunette

Lunette Menstrual Cup July 18, 2019

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