I went to a music festival on my period, and I survived!

This past April I attended Weekend 1 of Coachella Music and Arts Festival, and yes, it was all I could ever imagine. Except there was a teeny thing I brought with me that I probably wouldn’t have if I had a choice…my period. 

Yep. I was bleeding during this fun-filled weekend where the sun has no mercy on you, dressing “casual” is frowned upon, the smell of the porta potties make you gag (and are infested with flies), and 100,000 people are exchanging sweat and tears. But hey, the music was great and the oversized art installations were totes Instagram worthy.

Menstruating during the chaos that came with Coachella didn’t stop me from dancing around the Polo Fields of Indio, California and jamming to Lady Gaga (Beyoncé, I still love you). In fact, if I’m being completely honest, I kind of forgot I was even bleeding. If it weren’t for my Lunette cup, my vagina and I wouldn’t have survived. I mean come on, imagine a world where you didn’t have to carry extra pads and tampons with you during times like these? Or ever? It’s the best feeling in the world.


Here are just a few reasons why Lunette is literally my bff, and why it didn’t fail me at Coachella: 

  1. I never had to worry about changing my pad or tampon several times a day because my cup kept me safe for 12 hours. Seriously, as soon as I entered the festival I didn’t think about my period until I got home.
  2. I didn’t have to check or worry about any leak stains on my butt and I didn’t ruin any underwear! Talk about ~period goals~.
  3. I only went in the porta potties to pee *and poo*, though I tried to avoid it at all costs, I PROMISE!
  4. Not having to change every 4 hours made the 100-degree weather more bearable. Vaginas are naturally moist, and mixing it with pads and tampons on a hot day can be…uncomfortable. Can you say yeast infections?
  5. I danced, jumped, ran (yes I ran), sat on someone’s shoulders, all while being on my period.


Okay I must confess, although being on my period during a music festival was a breeze, I would have loved if my period came another week. However, we can’t control the nature of our bodies, and if my menstrual cycle wants to follow me to another festival again this summer, then my cup and I say BRING IT!

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