Easy & Worry-free

The Lunette menstrual cup is as easy to use as a tampon. Simply fold and insert. Get hours of worry-free use.

Hygienic & Safe

Made of soft medical grade silicone, a cup is a healthy choice — no yeast, bacteria, or odor, only comfort and cleanliness.


Why waste money on disposables — a cup is better for you and the environment. Simply wash and reuse.


Can a period product be a feminist choice?

Yes it can, and we’ll tell you how. We get it. Not everyone experiences their period in the same way. For some, being on your period is not at all a positive experience. Obviously, the team members...



Quality and Standards:

Approved by the FDAApproved by the Australian authoritiesApproved by the Association of Finnish WorkApproved by Green AmericaDesign from FinlandCertified by The Vegan Society