120 Things I wish I had known in my 20s.
Aug 17, 2015    0 Comments

20 Things I wish I had Known In My 20s

  1. Date. And date some more. It takes a while to figure out what you want in a partner. Trust your intuition- There are lots of "fish in the sea."
  2. Lifeguarding and Camp Counselor really aren't jobs you can put on your resume after 21.
  3. Drinking is not just an activity reserved for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. (Be classy and drink responsibly.)
  4. Men (and women) in college are just as disposable as razors (wrap it up).
  5. Wear good, high quality facial moisturizer with SPF every day.
  6. Love your curves- because they just get "curvier" after 20.
  7. The medium pizza and medium blizzard diet does not work.
  8. Invest in good clothes. You'll still be wearing them into your 30s.
  9. Trade in your hard alcohol for fine wine sometimes. You will begin to appreciate your blossoming wine knowledge.
  10. The bank of Mom & Dad will close (if not yet, SOON). Start planning now.
  11. People play favorites. Just because you are a "good" person does not mean that you will always come out ahead.
  12. Taxes, mortgages, registrations and other miscellaneous fees suck. Don't forget to save for them.
  13. Your "twins" will never be quite as perky. Elongate those days. Invest in a good fitting bra.
  14. Wear nice underwear. You never know when you might "flash" someone.
  15. Spend money on good quality, (yet fashionable) shoes. They'll fit even when your other clothes don't.
  16. Knowing how to cook well will help you in many ways. 
  17. "Back That Thang Up" is not just a dance move. Back up your hard drive- those selfies are priceless.
  18. A slowing metabolism is real. Take time to exercise - and get into the routine.
  19. It's just as important to be street smart as it is to be book smart. 
  20. Put a cup in it. Menstrual cup, that is. Less money, less space, fewer yeast infections and it's better for the environment.

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