A Better Period Solution: Lunette Menstrual Cup and Slick Chicks Underwear!

Mon Oct 12 02:09:00 2015

At Lunette, we are always looking for nifty solutions.- Especially when it comes to menstrual care. Today our blog post is featuring the innovative Slick Chicks underwear and founder, Heyla Mohammid. We love Slick Chicks's underwear design- which allows for discreate removal. But what really caught our attention with the Slick Chick's line was that it allowed easy accessability for those who find taking off and putting on a fresh pair of underwear difficult. (Pregnant anyone? Wheelchair bound?) You don't even need to bend over!! 

"Underwear has always been a staple in every woman's wardrobe. And the routine of putting them on has always been the same, until now. With Slick Chicks we are offering more than just your average underwear." Says Heyla Mohammadian.

Slick Chicks Founder

Slick Chicks were created when founder Helya Mohammadian wanted to put on a fresh pair of underwear after indoor cycling class and found herself in tight quarters. She was sweaty with no time to shower and didn't want to go about her day feeling unfresh. She thought there has to be an easier way to change without removing any other clothing. It was at this moment the proverbial lightbulb moment came to her and Slick Chicks was born.

Designed with a hook and eye fastener on either side of the waistband, Slick Chicks underwear allows the wearer to take them off and put them on without ever lifting a foot or bending over.

Period Underwear

"Women love the convenience of quickly changing into a fresh pair of underwear, especially when an unexpected monthly visit arrives. It also offers a solution for women who are physically handicapped or face other issues where the simple task of changing their underwear can be a struggle. They can simply unhook the fasteners standing, sitting, or laying down and change into a new pair." Explains Heyla.

Slick Chicks are also anti-microbial and moisture wicking, keeping you feeling fresh all day long. This is something everyone can appreciate. Especially while on their period.

Whether you're an avid athlete, an expectant mom, or someone who requires additional assistance changing, know that there is a functional, convenient and attractive solution for you. 

We're thinking the Lunette menstrual cup and a super cute and functional pair of Slick Chicks is a match made in period heaven! Enter our giveaway bellow and you could win a Lunette cup and a Slick Chicks panty! We're thrilled to be giving away 2 sets!

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