1Celebrating all the different kinds of queer bodies that have periods!
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At Lunette, we celebrate and welcome diversity. We are an International company with headquarters all over the world. We don’t just publicize that we’re part of many communities, we live it.

Recently, The LGBTQ center at New York University and Lunette connected. We both have a common goal. To support access to affordable and easy to use menstrual care products and provide education and support.

At the NYU LGBTQ Student Center (A Student Center for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Ally Community), our top priority is making resources available to our students. We offer tangible resources: our student lounge is a safe space to hang out, hold club meetings, or study; our library offers a wide range of books and DVDs featuring queer topics and narratives. We serve as a liaison to services on campus, helping students to navigate dorm life and classes, explore job and internship opportunities, and connect with legal, social, and health services. Through all of these resources, we strive to provide students a sense of community during their time at NYU.

Through our programming, we strive to celebrate many different queer identities and narratives. As queer people, our stories surrounding our genders and sexualities are so often tied to our bodies, and this can often result in hurt and shame. So at the Center, we’re all about body empowerment!

When it comes to periods, this means providing educational and practical resources to students like workshops and affordable, easy-to-use menstrual products. It also means celebrating all the different kinds of queer bodies that have periods! Our period resources are body-positive and trans-positive because:

  • Not every woman has a period.
  • Not every person with a period is a woman.

Recently, we’ve been working to educate students about menstrual cups. They’re affordable, environmentally-friendly, and let us take control over our periods in ways that disposable tampons and pads often don’t. We’ve got a menstrual cup how-to workshop in the works as well as an upcoming product raffle. We believe that menstrual products should be available and accessible to anyone who needs them. Just like our student lounge and library, these resources contribute to our work in creating community and safer spaces on campus.

Together with Lunette, we’re able to make the NYU LGBTQ Center a more body-positive, trans-positive, period-positive place.


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