I am menstruating today.

Thu Apr 21 18:22:00 2016

I am menstruating today. There is such radical possibilities for these four little words. When uttered by a menstruator in a public space - they cultivate such disgust, fear, detestation and panic. These four little words got me into the world of menstrual activism, and get me caught up in daily conversations with strangers about the importance of reproductive justice and menstrual health.

Why does Menstruation Matter? From the onset of menarche, menstruators are told that their bodies are sites of contestation in need of management and containment. For these reasons, menstruation provides fertile ground within which to theorize gender, being that it seeps into so many levels of body politics. One cannot speak about menstruation without somehow implicitly speaking about deeply rooted constructions of gender, sexuality, and, at times, race. Menstruation affects us all, and some of us base our life’s work on deconstructing the stigma surrounding menstruation.

This excerpt is from Gonzalez's Review of the puropse and experiences of the 21st Biennial Society for Menstrual Cycle Reasearch, which was originally published here.

Jax Gonzalez is a graduate student researching menstrual curricula in the Boston area and co-founder of the Menstrual Activist Research Collective. MARC is an activist research group that works to educate both menstruators and non-menstruators alike about the harms of mainstream menstrual products and the vast array of alternative menstrual products. Feel free to contact her with questions or concerns at [email protected]



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