I want to try a menstrual cup but what if....

Tue Jun 16 21:36:00 2015

So you’ve already heard about the menstrual cup. And you really…sort of…kind of…want to try one. You just have one worry….What if my menstrual cup gets stuck inside of me. Or even worse, what if my menstrual cup decides to wander... like to my brain?

Don’t panic. Relax. If you happen to have problems removing your menstrual cup try focusing on releasing the tension in your vaginal muscles. Then, find a position that will allow you to remove the cup more easily. Try straddling the toilet bowl while sitting. Grasp the bottom of the cup tightly with your forefinger and thumb and pinch to release suction. Then gently rock it back and forth until it eases out. Take a breath, (phew!)…and maybe help yourself to something cold and delicious to drink in celebration of your achievement.

Still worried about trying out a menstrual cup? Rest assured your cup wont venture through your small intestine and pop out of your colon. That’s the truth. The cup should be worn comfortably here:

Not here:

Many people get the hang of the menstrual cup their first time around. Some folks, just need a bit of pratice. FYI:  In case you you’ve inserted your menstrual cup too high and you’ve found that it’s difficult to remove…

"OMG. I'm going to die!"

Don’t worry you are not going to die. Some menstrual cup users have trouble removing the cup because they have inserted it so far into the vagina that they cannot get a hold of the bottom or the stem. If you happen to be in this predicament try squatting (legs spread and bent with your heels beneath your bottom) and bearing down in the shower. This position helps open the vagina and bring the menstrual cup down top the opening. You should be able to grasp the lower part of the menstrual cup and rock back and forth to break the seal. Remove gently.

The key to menstrual cup use is to relax. In the beginning using the menstrual cup may seem like a lot of effort. Once you get the technique down, insertion and removal of your cup will be easy and fast! You’ll be a pro and menstrual cup enthusiast in no time!

Feeling like you need more menstrual cup support? You can always contact Lunette via [email protected], Facebook and on Twitter with your questions, comments and concerns.

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I can't get my lunette cup to seal once I've inserted it. It doesn't want to unfold on one side once its inserted...any tips/advice?

Yvonne - Tue Jul 14 05:00:13 2015



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