Running while on your period? Here's why you should...

Tue Sep 6 21:11:00 2016

The last thing you probably want to do when your period starts is get up. Curling up in a cozy blankey, lying on the couch in your sweats, hair in a big bun, watching useless daytime television while eating chocolate sounds waaaaaay better than actually being a healthy, productive member of society. I get it, I get it. I’d love to waste a day away being lazy in the name of cramps. But when one day turns into 3-4 days every single month, you’re going to need some intervention. So I’m about to get real with you. Here’s the problem with blaming your period for becoming a useless blob:

a) you might piss off your boss

b) you may feel less attractive

c) you might gain weight

d) you’ll become a useless blob.

It’s that simple. Act like a blob and you’ll be a blob. Don’t get me wrong, a nice nap on the couch curled up in the fetal position is great every now and then. But that’s all it really should be. A half-hour snooze-fest followed by a lovely spring in your step! Here’s how to get over the period slump…

  • Make sure your Lunette is in (duh.)
  • Put your workout clothes on.
  • Put your running shoes by your bed.
  • Set your alarm for 30 minutes and enjoy that much-needed nap.
  • Once your alarm rings, get up (no debating on hitting snooze allowed.)
  • Put on those running shoes.
  • Get out the door.
  • Jog, run, run, walk, jog, run, walk, repeat and keep going for about 30 minutes. Take nice deep breaths, enjoying the nature around you and smile. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, just smile anyway.

Trust me, getting those endorphins going, working up a little sweat and pumping up heart rate will work wonders for your mood. It can also make those cramps go away. Anytime I’ve let cramps take over my ability to get moving, they win. But when you get past that initial “ugh” feeling and start jogging, you’ll notice that “ugh” will turn into a “yippee” fairly quickly. And if you still feel icky then at least you burned some calories so you can continue to indulge in some fine chocolate, right?!

For those of you who DREAD running, not to worry, here’s another heart-pumping option for you.
Here’s a 15-minute workout that will get the job done and there’s no running required!



  • High Knees 1 minute
  • Rest 10 seconds
  • Jumping jacks 1 minute
  • Rest 20 seconds
  • Burpees 15 times
  • Rest 20 seconds
  • Push ups 15 times
  • Rest 20 seconds
  • Burpees 15 times
  • Rest 20 seconds
  • Jumping Jacks 1 minute
  • Rest 20 seconds
  • High knees 1 minute
  • Rest 10 seconds


  • Crunches 20 times
  • Leg lifts 20 times
  • Plank 1 minute
  • (Repeat 2x)

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