1Top 7 Chocolates I Want While PMSing
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Chocolate, when you’re on your period, is like wearing a seatbelt when you’re in a race car. It’s also like snuggling a blanket when it’s snowing outside. Chocolate also serves a greater person like having a nanny to watch over your kids or socks when you’re running. It’s like a hair tie on a windy day, a parachute when you’re jumping from a plane, a hose when there’s a fire, a leash for your wild monkey… I can keep going but I think you catch my drift! Basically, I say all of this to let you know how crucial the delicious, mouth-watering and soothing treat is when you’re on your period. I NEVER want to hear you feel guilty for indulging in your favorite dessert during that time of the month again. I’m no scientist but I do know the benefits of chocolate outweigh its side effects. Chocolate, after all, is the cure for cramps and the healer of a bad attitude! But if you’re going to bite into chocolatey goodness, we don’t want you to waste your time with something that won’t make your soul sing! So without further ado, here’s a compilation of the top 7 best chocolates while PMSing, created by a chocoholic who has proudly done years of grueling, yet very fulfilling research ;)

Nestle Crunch

#7 Nestle Crunch 
We know this sounds like a cheap-y option. But there’s something about Nestle milk chocolate that feels like a warm and soothing hug. For a small cost, Nestle Crunch creates memories of drool that are out of this world. The lovely crunch with each bite adds an extra element of fun in the mouth. The milky goodness of this chocolate bar is full of just the right amount of sugar and creaminess to make any period pains feel like a distant memory.

Lindor Truffles

#6 Lindt Lindor Truffles 
If you haven’t had a chance to bite into these beauties, you better get that booty to the story asap! They provide instant feelings of zen and lead to eye-closures and lip licking. Lindt truffles (of any flavor) can be that perfect escape your body is craving. You will thoroughly enjoy every bite - from the delectable shell to the ooey-gooey inside. This is the type of chocolate that melts in your mouth like butter and brings you a bit closer to what heaven should taste like!

Neuhaus Chocolate

#5 Neuhaus Collection 
Now let’s take things up a notch. Neuhaus is a high-end chocolate-maker with all sorts of great combinations to choose from. A favorite pastime can be to take your tin full of Neuhaus’s various selections and enjoy small nibbles out of each piece. Those small nibbles will then allow you to truly find out which one is your favorite - all in the name of research, of course. Once you realize each piece is nothing short of delightful, you’ll come to terms with the fact that you don’t actually need to pick your favorite flavor. You can adore each one equally. That’s why the entire collection is #4 on this list.

big kit kat

#4 Kit Kat Big Kat Bar 
The Big Kat Bar may surprise many people as #3. There are so many expensive, meticulously made, glamorous types of chocolate out there. We are not saying those wonderfully considerate chocolate-makers are not helping the world with their artistry but what we are saying is sometimes you just want something inexpensive and sinful! The regular ol’ Kit Kat Bar doesn’t work wonders the way the Big Kat does. The Big Kat has a heaping helping of chocolate all over its wafers. So, the best way to make the most of your Big Kat is to eat the thick chocolate on the outside first. Once you have slowly worked your way around the entire bar, you take your wafers apart. Then you lick the almost cake-like fudge between each wafer until you are ready to bite into the flakey goodness. And THAT, my friends is why the Big Kat is more than a chocolate bar. It’s an adventure into dessert-eating that can take up to 60 glorious minutes from start to finish.

godiva sea salt

#3 Godiva Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar 
Aaaah Godiva. How can the world possibly thank you enough for bestowing your lovely flavors upon us? Godiva is obviously a popular household name but it usually comes out during those special occasions that call for an extra oomph of class and flavor. The Dark Chocolate Sea Salt bar includes a perfect blend of sweetness and creaminess, with hints of saltiness which is what adds a unique twist to perfection. Godiva has already mastered chocolate, and adding something like sea salt is like adding another great song to your playlist. Go ahead, improve upon perfection with Godiva.

Cocoa Parlor

#2 Cocoa Parlor’s Poppe Quinoa 70
This chocolate bar is starting to pop up in more stores but if you have yet to see it, then it’s time to go online and make your orders. Until then, feel free to write grocery store managers many letters expressing your distaste for their lack appreciation for really, really, really good chocolate. This is #2 (nearly a straight up tie) on the list for many reasons. Cocoa Parlor deserves recognition for believing in fair trade and organic practices. Creating vegan chocolate that actually tastes good is also a talent. It’s as if the buttery goodness of Lindt truffles had passionate sex with Godiva while Neuhaus was also caught up in the sheets. Somehow all of the high-end chocolates made out with the Big Kat Bars of the world to create flavors that evoke giddiness, even sensuality. Ok, enough chocolate porn… The popped quinoa in this bar adds an element of crunch that can only be described as unique and oh-so-right. Cocoa Parlor’s ability to bring out the best in each cocoa bean deserves award after award. This chocolate bar is better than sex. We make such a bold statement because when you have heavy cramps, you may not quite enjoy a romp as much as you will fall in love with this sweet treat.

Fazer Milk Chocolate

#1 Karl Fazer’s Milk Chocolate 
If you are itching for something velvety and smooth, that just melts in your mouth then Fazer has done it for you. This milk chocolate made in Finland started way back in 1922 which means it’s fulfilled the cravings of women for decades. Made of all natural, high-quality ingredients, Fazer uses just a few simple ingredients like milk, sugar, cocoa mass and cocoa butter. Delicious. Delectable. Enchanting. Mood-enhancing. Sweet. Scrumptious. Milky. Gratifying. Satisfying. The list of words to describe Fazer can go on and on. Karl Fazer, wherever you are, please know your pleasurable chocolate made with TLC brings joy and instant satisfaction with every bright blue wrapper sighting.

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