Buy Authentic

Ladies — There’s Only One Lunette…

Beware imposters! Since the dawn of time, great designs have been copied (and the Lunette cup is no exception). But just because a cup looks like a Lunette, doesn't mean it is.

The fact is, illegal copies of Lunette menstrual cups are sold on auction and 3rd party sales sites all over the world that look like Lunette but are priced more cheaply. Please, respect your superior interior and beware of purchasing products from unauthorized sellers who advertise Lunette on Amazon, eBay, and other auction websites. It’s not just about saving money; it’s about putting something inside your body that may not be safe.

Lunette’s price point is based on medical grade FDA approved silicone and colorants. Our cups have gone through strict quality control, TGA (Australia) and FDA 510K (USA) review — which is why it’s more expensive.

Cheap copies made from low-quality silicone or plastic can affect more than your pocket book; it can damage your health.

Why is authenticity so important to us?

  • An unknown source of silicone could be a dangerous health hazard
  • It might not even be silicone, rather a substance with unknown toxicity or contaminants
  • Questionable Quality results in cup rips, cracks, collapse, inability to hold fluids or failure to pop open correctly
  • An unauthorized seller could be selling a “previously used” product passing along a health risk