Our Lunette Mission

The Lune Group Oy Ltd strives to make the lives of menstruating people around the world easier and more enjoyable through innovative ideas and products. Our primary goal is to be known as the company that makes periods nicer, more eco-logical, and help women put their hard-earned money back where it belongs: in their pocketbook.

The Lune Group Oy Ltd believes in creating sustainable and environmentally friendly products in every stage of the development process. We use recycled materials in our product packaging, and our offices are powered by renewable energy.

Why are we so eco-conscious when so many other companies take shortcuts to profit, and don’t hold themselves to these standards? Part of our mission lies in our proud heritage: Finland has a history of sustainability — long before it was top of mind and trendy. The Lune Group Oy Ltd upholds this tradition of stewardship: our products are proudly made and packaged right here in Finland.

We don’t mean to boast, but we do believe that Lunette is the future of period care. We tirelessly promote the idea, not just to boost sales, but also to change minds.

We’re straightforward and honest about a basic human function that somehow always gets swept under the rug — menstruation, a critical link in the cycle of life. Like a ray of sunshine, we shed light on what many consider to be a ‘taboo’ subject, and bring solutions and respect to an underserved population of menstruating people.

We’re kind, we care, and we’re winning over more hearts and minds all the time. Lunette is more than a product, and we’re more than a company…

…we’re the femme-volution of "feminine" protection.

Check out Lunette for yourself — no strings attached.