Heli Kurjanen

CEO & Founder

Heli is the fearless leader of Lunette. She started the business from passion and leads the menstrual cup revolution from an old bank building in the countryside. When not conquering the world Heli spends time with her two kids, husband, beautiful Bengal cats or at the stables with her horses.

Mira Mäkelä

Lune Group Oy Ltd

Mira is one of the Original Testing Crew of Lunette cup and the master mind behind the triumphant path in its homeland Finland. A keen homemaker, this mom of three boys loves good, organic food, gardening and sometimes crocheting. She dreams of a cosy little cottage by a lake with a luscious apple garden.

Eija Tiittanen

Lune Group Oy Ltd

Eija handles sales to Scandinavia and new markets. She also coordinates purchases and miscellaneous projects at Lunette HQ Finland. When not working, Eija can be found at a gym, on nature walks or at home with her son. She usually has a book at an arm´s reach and her favorite home training gadget is a foam roller.

Mari Lappi-Kaipio

Lune Group Oy Ltd.

Mari is our Period Hero for the German speaking countries. A cup girl at heart, she burns to share her love for this eco-logical and healthy alternative. Mari is married with two children - and a horse. She dotes on music and classics like Jane Austen’s books and is an eager explorer of the world and its people.

Cathy Chapman

Lune North America

Cathy is the President at Lune North America. She's a busy mom with 2 kids, a spunky Golden Retriever, and an insanely handsome husband. When Cathy isn't spreading the good menstrual cup word you can find her cooking in the kitchen, kayaking or online shopping for things she doesn't really need. She is also excellent at parallel parking.

Suzan Hutchinson

Lune North America

Suzan oversees customer and client needs, encourages and supports new cup users, and fields questions about Lunette's nicer periods. When not serving as Operations Manager for Lune North America, Suzan engages in menstrual activism as Period Wise and You ARE Loved. Apart from #periodtalk, Suzan enjoys gardening, whole foods, and writing.

Meri Virtanen

Lune Group Oy Ltd

Meri handels all the social media of Lunette. She crisscrosses in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in Finnish, English, German and Swedish. Meri is also a new face of Lunette blog and Vlog. In her spare time she gobbles fashion blogs and magazines and tries not to eat too much stracciatella ice cream. She lives in a beautiful city of Tampere with her boyfriend.