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    Monki x Lunette x The Cup
    Limited Edition Pink Lunette Menstrual Cup
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    The future of period care
    Comfortable, safe, odorless and eco-friendly period
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    Keep it clean
    Lunette cups are easy to use and clean

Lunette menstrual cup


Lunette menstrual cups are easy to use. Simply fold the Lunette and insert. Done! Plus you'll experience up to 12 HOURS of worry-free use.


Lunette menstrual cups are made of soft medical grade silicone and are BPA free. This means no yeast, bacteria or odor. Just cleanliness and comfort.

Sustainable & Vegan

Lunette menstrual cups are designed, developed and packaged with the environment at heart. It’s also the best alternative to disposable period products which pollute our planet.

Ready to say Hello to the future of period care?

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Our Journal

This month we’re celebrating all the ways we can use 12 hours when we don’t have to worry about our period (Yaass Queeen)! But what’s the deal with the 12 hours? How often should I be emptying my menstrual cup really? Here’s all you need to know: How long can I keep the Lunette menstrual cup in for? The Lunette menstrual cup can be used for up to 12 straight hours. Of course everyone is different and those with a heavier flow may need to empty their cup more often (more on that below). Why 12 hours? The Lunette menstrual cup is made from high-quality medical grade silicone which means it safe inside of you and stays fresh too. However, no period product (or most other items for that matter!), no matter how high quality, should be kept inside your vagina for extended periods of time without checking and cleaning properly. What about if I have a heavy flow? All of us experience different periods and there’s certainly no “one size fits all” guidance. The important thing is to get to know your own flow and adjust to what suits you. Firstly, make sure you get the right size cup. Lunette menstrual cups come in 2 sizes, one of which is better for those who have heavier flows. Those with a heavier flow may also need to empty their cup more frequently. If you’re new to menstrual cups try emptying it every 2 to 4 hours until you get a good sense of how full your cup gets. Can I keep my menstrual cup in overnight? Yes! You can sleep soundly with your Lunette menstrual cup all night long. What if I accidentally leave my cup in for more than 12 hours? Don’t panic. There is no sudden extra danger of having your cup still inside of you for more than 12 hours but it’s best to empty and clean it as soon as you realise. Remove, check and clean your cup like you normally would and continue normal use. However, if you’re concerned it has been a very long time and/or you experience any unusual symptoms then always have a chat with your doctor. How do I clean my cup properly? Simply tip, rinse and wash out! Check out our full handy cleaning guide here for more tips. If you have any other questions about your Lunette menstrual cup let us know. Don’t forget to join in the conversation and tell us how YOU would want to spend 12 hours!

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How often do I need to empty my menstrual cup?

Today we’re releasing our new video, a story we’re excited to share and the kind we would like to see more of, both on camera and in the real world. We’re really passionate about the products we make (like truly, madly, deeply kind of passionate) but products only get us so far. It’s the bigger picture stuff, the ideas behind the products, the stories we tell ourselves in our day to day that really makes the difference. Products don’t empower you. We believe you already have the power right there within but that access to informed choices, sharing big ideas and creating new stories for ourselves helps us become empowered. This video is one of many kinds of stories but it’s the kind of journey we’d like, and are determined to, see more of. About the ability to open up to more and pursue those dreams. To dare to have courage in your inner self. To listen to, and share, the colorful visionary you that might have been there all along. Sounding all a bit too idyllic? We get it. But our story really is about giving you more choice, freedom and inspiration to pursue yours, no matter what that might look like. Check out the video here: What sort of empowerment stories would you like to see more of?

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New Video: The Power Within

The short version: Just like tampons, your menstrual cup has no increased risk of TSS (toxic shock syndrome). As with any period care product the most important thing is to keep it clean, don’t leave it in too long and use a trusted brand. The truth behind the science: Every so often a clickbait article headline graces our newsfeeds which admittedly can be difficult to ignore. Recently a French study has been quoted on menstrual cups having increased risk of TSS. A big claim right? Menstrual cups have been a trusted period care product for decades. In fact, globally only 2 cases of TSS relating to menstrual cup use have been reported and this was due to very prolonged use (inserted for 7 days rather than the recommended 12 hour maximum). Behind the article headline, the truth about the study is that: Instead of being performed using actual human vaginas they used sterile plastic bags derived from hydrocarbon. Doesn’t take a great scientist to realise the flaw there! Our vaginas are wonderfully more complex both physically and chemically than...er...a bag. The study hasn’t even been concluded yet. Contrary to what has been reported in the press, the only conclusion to be made from the study thus far is that no periodic system is more favourable to TSS development than another. So, what’s the real deal? Here’s what you really need to know about menstrual cups and TSS: Are menstrual cups more dangerous to use than tampons? Nope! :) Do menstrual cups protect you from TSS? Like with any period care product you cannot have zero risk of TSS. But a clean, properly-used menstrual cup means the chances are very small. Should I continue to use my menstrual cup at night? Sure thing! 10 to 12 consecutive hours is the recommended usage time. How can I make sure my menstrual cup is clean enough? Check out this handy guide for your peace of mind. Are Lunette menstrual cups safer to use than other menstrual cups? Always choose a trusted brand and with Lunette you’re in safe hands. Our cups are made from the highest medical grade silicone which is BPA free and no chemicals. Have any other questions? Leave a comment below or ask us on Twitter or Facebook. Let's keep busting the myths and spreading the word!

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Menstrual cups and toxic shock syndrome: what you need to know
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