living our values.


The world isn’t something we take for granted. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our reusable and recyclable products. We use zero-waste packaging and renewable energy while encouraging remote work and promoting sustainable activities in every possible way.


We want to liberate everyone from the shame and pain that comes from period stigma. Education is the answer. We help people from all over the world access the right knowledge and spread the message that periods are NOTHING to be ashamed of. This is how we smash taboos, normalise period talk and unlock people’s power within.


Not all women menstruate and not all people who menstruate are women. No matter how you identify, we welcome you with open arms. Lunette is here to provide gender-neutral guidance and support for all things bodies and periods so you can bleed with confidence.

over 150 000

education booklets printed and distributed around the world.


education boxes send to healthcare professionals yearly.

over 40 000

Lunette cups donated through various organizations.

over billion

disposable period products reduced from landfills and oceans.

As you may already know, misconceptions and beliefs create taboos around periods and menstrual hygiene management, and as a result of these, menstruation may cause unnecessary hardships. Many are even being discriminated against, experiencing violence - simply because they are on their period.

Especially women and girls face these adversities and issues in their everyday lives, and only when they are freed from these, their true empowerment can be unleashed. 

When we heard that millions of people across the world don’t have access to menstrual hygiene products because they can’t afford it or are too ashamed to talk about it, we were outraged. 

Turns out, we weren’t the only ones. 

We at Lunette believe that positive change is possible and we're working to prove it by being a part of this change towards understanding, inclusive communities and safe, sustainable periods for everyone EVERYWHERE. So, we’ve teamed up with awesome organisations, locals and communities to work together, not just to give people access to cups, but to enable education and offer materials to help, and to change this global problem and give everyone (not just those who bleed) a voice. 

Educational mission on general

The aim is to advocate and achieve improvements in accessibility of menstrual health and hygiene (MHH), increased menstrual and intimate health, and positive long-term impacts to ensure a better future for the next generations, while providing the opportunity to indulge in education and work fully, even during menstruation. 

For example, World Vision has estimated that 50% of girls in Uganda are absent from school due to menstruation.  

Lunette Menstrual Hygiene Management -training offers an opportunity for the participants to receive their own cup, participatory training, and indicators for following the impact of the tool. With this, we want to ensure that donated cups will always be accompanied by sufficient information and training on cup use, to enable safe and sustainable wearing and cleaning for the cup in different settings. 

The training is provided in partnership with a local civil society organizations and Lunette. The training shall be based on the customer’s needs and can include modules related to reproductive health, hygiene, HIV, and human rights. 

Lunette wants to help development organizations to achieve:

  • Gender equality
  • Improved attendance in school or work
  • Better understanding of reproductive health and rights
  • Improved sanitation & safe menstrual products
  • Savings for women and girls
  • Waste reduction

We do this work to address menstrual taboos, promote inclusive menstruation and availability of sexual and reproductive health rights and services to all, which are all our core company values. Lunette invests a great deal of time to education, and we want to encourage open discourse around menstruation and sexual and reproductive health and rights, especially towards the youth!

Every year, we send out numerous education packs for teachers and health care professionals, mainly in Finland, but also to other countries. We’re happy to be able to donate cups and create a #periodpostive movement! 

Lunette has also published A little booklet about menstruation, which informs on the basics of menstrual cycle and is available in Finnish, Swedish, German, Spanish and English

If you have any questions, please message our customer service or @lunettementors.

changing the world one cup at a time

our key partnerships and projects.

We’ve teamed up with some kickass organizations, charities and initiatives, to fearlessly ignite discussions related to reproductive health, give vulnerable people access to safe hygiene and catalyse period positivity around the globe.

Our goal is to be a part of this positive change by making sure that girls and women EVERYWHERE have a healthy, sustainable and affordable option for period products. We work with locals, and our aim is to achieve positive, long-term impacts.

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