Menstrual Cup Folds and Menstrual Cup Insertion

Folding 101 – Your Body, Your Way

Every woman has her own way of doing things, (and folding things) from fitted sheets, to her favorite cashmere sweaters. One way doesn't fit all, so we've found a few tricks and tips to make sure Lunette gets where it needs to go.

While folded, Lunette is inserted, into the lower vagina but beyond the pubic bone so it fits snug and secure. When released, the cup unfolds and springs into position, held securely by a seal formed by the walls of the vagina and pressure from the vaginal muscles. You can try different folding methods and find your personal foolproof method.

We've assembled the most tried and true folding strategies to make Lunette work for you right here:

C Fold for Menstrual Cup

C-fold or Heart Fold the basic fold that most women use. Be patient and wait for the cup to pop open, trust us, it will.

Punchdown Fold for Menstrual Cup

Punch Down Fold or Shell Fold a folding method favored by our younger customers. The cup is smaller to insert but depending on unique anatomy this fold might take a few tries to get open.

Triangle Fold for Menstrual Cup

7 Fold or Triangle Fold a nice fold if you're having 'cup insertion challenges.'