How to clean your Lunette cup in a public restroom – like a boss

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Public restrooms – some are nice and clean, others…not so much. But in the unavoidable situation, when you gotta go, you gotta go! If being on your period didn’t already change your V plans for the week, dumping your menstrual fluid in a public restroom sounds just as terrifying as cleaning it. (Come on, we know you’re thinking it). What do you do when you absolutely have to empty your cup but waiting until you get home is out of the picture? Don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you to run to the sink that’s on the other side of the bathroom stall and hope no one sees you clean your cup, that would be…awkward. Remember that Lunette cup can hold blood for up to 12 hours! However, life happens, and we understand your fears. 

First, wash your hands

First things first, we recommend washing your hands before (and after of course) you go in the bathroom stall. Your hands and vagina are going to make very close contact, and who knows where those fingers have been! Just kidding, but please keep it sanitary. 

Try Lunette Cupwipes

Okay, we’ve got to ask – have you heard of our Lunette Cup Wipes? They’re uhhmazing, disinfectant, and super convenient when you don’t have access to water (aka a bathroom stall). All you have to do is dry the cup with toilet paper, then wipe it again with Lunette cup wipes! Voila, squeaky clean. Just make sure the cup dries before insertion so you don’t irritate your skin.

Fun fact: the wipes are made from viscose, so it’s completely biodegradable! For you hardcore environmentalists, take the wipes home and compost them! 

Alright alright, we know you won’t always have access to Lunette Cup Wipes (maybe you ran out, you have yet to try them, or you forgot them at home!) We forgive you. The problem is still there though ­– you’re out and about and you have to empty your cup but omgggg the sink is not accessible what will you do??? Wow being on your period can be stressful, right? We know how you feel.

Cup-cleaning life hacks

Here are some cup-cleaning life hacks you can do so the next time you have an emergency situation, you know what to do!

1. Bring a water bottle – so you can wash and clean it quickly. Just make sure to clean your mess afterwards (water can get splashy), and leave no trace ;)

2. Use toilet paper – a simple wipe in and around your cup can do the trick for emergency situations.

Got any other tricks and recommendations on how you clean your menstrual cup? Let us know!



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