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Using A Menstrual Cup When Disabled
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Using A Menstrual Cup When Disabled

Repost from City to Sea:

We know that periods are personal, and changing your period care routine can seem daunting, especially if you have extra needs to consider.

In 2020, City to Sea and Lunette conducted a small survey on ‘Periods and Disability’ which found that 2 in 5 people are dissatisfied with the period care products they currently use. Of those who aren’t happy with their period care products, 88% are using big-brand tampons and 42% are using big-brand pads.

There was an overwhelming and unanimous call for more information and personal stories about period products through the lens of disability, conditions and impairments. So we’re starting by offering a more in-depth insight into what it’s like to try a menstrual cup for the first time – a period care product that lasts up to 10 years, is plastic-free and toxic chemical-free.

To read more about the findings, click here.

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