Lunette Storage Pouch

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Color: Turquoise
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Made out of recycled plastic bottles, one of our stylish storage pouches comes with every Lunette Cup purchased. 

How exactly does that work? 

Quite simply, post-consumer recycled plastic bottles are cleaned and melted until they can be spun into yarn and woven to create the recycled polyester we use to make our pouches. 

These recyclable materials not only keep previously used plastics out of our oceans and landfills, but eliminate the usage of approximately 1880 kg of virgin plastics annually. 

Have you lost your pouch, or just want an extra one for fun? You can order them now!

Perfect for the storage of your Lunette Cup, Lunette Cupwipes, Diamond Vulva Earrings, Necklaces or otherwise.

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Whether it’s destigmatising periods, disrupting gender stereotypes or protecting the planet, every day we commit ourselves to building a better world. One that’s safe, inclusive and sustainable for all.

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We've all been taught to think about what kind of food we put in our bodies, so why shouldn't we think about other things too? We think your body is like a wonderland (cliché maybe, but totally true!) and Lunette is designed with just that in mind.

education is the answer.

We help people from all over the world access the right knowledge and spread the message that periods are NOTHING to be ashamed of. This is how we smash taboos, normalise period talk and unlock people’s power within.

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