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This super lightweight thong-style panties are great for light flow, or for extra protection with a cup! 

Thongs, strings, cheekies - lots of options to choose from! As our new period panty style for light flow, we settled on a thong: with more fabric than the classic string cut and with higher protection in the crotch area. Flexible, super soft, and comfy - you won't even feel wearing them!

How to use period underwear? 

We’re sure you don't need any instruction on how to wear these panties, but they're great for light periods, spotting, and heavy discharge, plus you can use them with your Lunette Cup for extra protection. They're super lightweight and won't show through tight clothes, while offering absorbency that is equivalent to one tampon. 

What are Lunette period panties made of? 

Made in Finland from high-quality Oeko-Tex materials. Ecofriendly Tencel jersey is soft and flexible, guaranteeing a good fit! The soft bamboo feels pleasant against the sensitive intimate area, but it also transfers moisture quickly to the absorbent layer. The absorbent layer is a mixture of materials containing hemp, bamboo, and cotton, soaking up moisture efficiently. The laminated outer layer ensures that there are no leaks.

Materials: 92% Lyocel, 8% Elastane, 82% Bamboo Viscose, 18% Polyester, Absorbent: 48% Bamboo, 24% Cotton, 18% Polyester, 10% Hemp, 100% Laminated Polyester

p.s. Period Panties thong style is stretchy, so pick a size that matches your usual one. And if you're torn between two sizes, go for the smaller one. 

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