We are beyond excited to share these frequently asked questions about our NEW Lunette Reusable Pads! These ultra-comfortable, soft and soothing, lovingly Finnish-made cloth pads are made with the best of the best – organic cotton, bamboo viscose and an absorbent layer of leak-proof fabric. 

Sit back, enjoy and get acquainted with this brilliant newbie. 

How to Choose Reusable Pad 

How do I choose the right Lunette Reusable Pad for me? 

If you have a very light flow or just need a backup for a menstrual cup (insert link to shop) or tampons, you can go with a smaller pad with lighter coverage. If you have a heavier flow, you can go for the bigger pads. One way to get started is to measure the disposable pads that you like and order similar sized cloth pads. 

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How many Pads will I need? 

This depends on your flow and if you're either using pads exclusively or using the pads as a backup with your menstrual cup. We recommend to have an assortment of pads to have you covered throughout your cycle: 2-4 minis, 6-12 mediums and 1-3 maxis. 

What about my style! Can I wear a reusable pad with all different underwear? 

We’re all about the right underwear for you! With Lunette Reusable Pads two snaps, you can easily adjust the width of the pad. Keep in mind that with narrow thongs the pad might be loose around the underwear but should keep in place when the pad is against your skin.  When it comes to extra wide boxer briefs, you are unable to snap the reusable pad onto your underwear and might have to consider a different choice of underwear for the occasion of using the reusable cloth pad. 

Aren’t reusable pads bulkier than disposables? 

Lunette Reusable Cloth Pads are made of multiple layers of soft, comfy organic cotton fabric, bamboo viscose for great absorbency and waterproof coated PUL-fabric layer to block the moisture - so they can be found slightly thicker than disposable pads. HOWEVER, we’ve been able to avoid too many bulky layers by using quality fabrics and carefully crafted design! The Lunette Reusable Pads are truly comfortable, soft and made from safe materials– just the things you want from a pad, without too many bells and whistles. 

How much money can I expect to save by switching to reusable pads? 

Apart from reducing significant amounts of waste (and being the eco-hero yourself!), your wallet will thank you for making the switch to Lunette Reusable Cloth Pads. Most people can expect to deal with 35 years of menstruation during their lifetime, which can cost you thousands of dollars in products over time. When you switch to Lunette Reusable Pads, you’ll spend a lot less on menstrual hygiene than with disposable products. Everyone’s cycle is different, and so is the age when you start to use cloth pads. Some people estimate that you can save up to $350 over five years when using reusable pads! 

How to Use a Reusable Pad?

How do I use Lunette Reusable Pads? 

Simply attach to underwear with snaps, with the wash tag side against the underwear. All of our pads have wings that snap around the gusset of most styles of underwear. 

You can wear the pad on its own, or as a backup for your Lunette Menstrual Cup (insert link to shop). Change as often as needed, depending on your flow. Remove, rinse or soak, and wash directly after use OR let it dry while waiting to do your washing. You can hand or machine wash your Lunette Reusable Pads in 40-60 degrees. 

After wash, pull the fabric back to its original shape, let it dry and you’re ready for your next use! 

Can I trust my Reusable Pad not to leak? 

The Lunette Reusable Pad is made from high quality materials that are known for their absorbency. The first layer that is against your skin is super soft, organic cotton, followed by a layer of bamboo viscose to absorb all moisture, with the final layer of PUL-fabric to block any leakage from passing through. The Cloth Pad has two wings that snap around the underwear to keep the sides of your underwear dry. However, it depends on your flow how often you need to change your cloth pad before becoming completely saturated. After using the Lunette Reusable Pad for a short while, you’ll get a good idea on how often to change them and keep leak-free. Please note – it's important to make sure the pad is the right way around, with the tag facing your underwear. If not, your pad might leak. 

Are Pads truly comfortable? 

Everyone has their own opinion and preference, but we love them! The soft, organic cotton is breathable and keeps fresh longer than disposable pads. The Lunette Reusable Pad doesn’t chafe, clam to your skin or have rough edges. Just like organic cotton underwear, your vulva will thank you for choosing these high-quality materials! 

Can I even use Reusable Pads with heavy flow? 

Yes, you might be surprised how absorbent the Maxi Lunette Reusable Pad can be! With extremely heavy flow, you might need to change the Maxi Pad more other or consider using it together with your Lunette Cup. (insert link to shop) 

Can teenagers use Reusable Pads? 

Of course! The Lunette Reusable Pads are excellent for first periods and are a trusted alternative for sustainable period care. The soft organic cotton fabric is gentle against the skin and offers a comfortable feel as you're getting used to wearing period products. For first time periods, you might want to start with the mini or medium pad and adjust according to the amount of flow. As you get used to wearing the Lunette Reusable Pads, you might want to try the maxi pad for nighttime or heavier days, and possibly transition into using the Lunette Menstrual Cup. 

What about Reusable Pads and period smell? 

The first thing to pay attention to is changing the cloth pad often enough. When period flow comes in contact with air, it isn’t unusual for it to smell like period bleed at some point. The cloth pad is more breathable than disposable pads and may even avoid the smell occurrence as there will be less moisture wicked. Please note - if you detect a strong or sturdy smell (insert link to vagina smell blog), you should always check your pH balance and rule out possible infections. Make sure to speak to a health care professional if you’re concerned. 

How long Reusable Pads can last in use? 

The Lunette Reusable Pads can last up to 4-5 years in use, possibly longer! Factors such as washing and the number of times the pad has been used determines how long a single cloth pad will last. 

Can I use cloth pads for incontinence? 

The Lunette Reusable Cloth Pads are definitely a great choice for light incontinence! Soft like your underwear and kind to your skin – you’re kept safe and dry with the Lunette Reusable Pads. Also useful for heavy discharge. 

Can I use cloth pads immediately after giving birth? 

The Lunette Reusable Pads are excellent for postpartum time! They might not be enough for the first, heaviest leakage, but comfortable and soft during the lighter days. 

TOP TIP: Some people find it helpful to use frozen cloth pads momentarily for the ache and swelling of the vulva area after giving birth. Please note – it's important to NOT keep a wet pad for extended periods of time due to infection risk.  

How to Change Reusable Pad 

How often should I change my cloth pad? 

Changing your Lunette Cloth Pad depends on the amount of your flow. You will know it’s time to switch the pad if it starts feeling wet against your skin. Naturally, with heavier flow, you will need to change the cloth pad more often. With lighter flow, more infrequent changing will do! 

How do I change cloth pad on-a-go and in a public toilet? 

Thanks to the wings with snaps, the Lunette Cloth Pad folds up into a perfect little square that is easy to pack away in your bag. We recommend allocating a small baggie to store the used pad neatly in and rinse at home or when possible. The Lunette Cup Pouch works wonders for this purpose! For more information on washing your Lunette Reusable Pad, click here

How to Wash Reusable Pad 

Should I wash new pads before wearing? 

Yes, we recommend washing the Lunette Cloth Pads before the first use according to the care instructions - in machine wash cycle 40-60 degree. The Lunette Cloth Pads are handled in a clean environment, but the washing removes all the loose particles, such as dust and fabric cuttings. The first wash will matt the fabric and increase the absorbency.  

Isn’t washing cloth pads an awful lot of work? 

Nope – look at it as washing any other clothing items, it’s easy and hassle free! Think of this - does washing your underwear feel like an awful lot of work? We didn’t think so 😊 

How do I wash cloth pads? 

The easiest way to clean your pads is to just toss them into the washing machine. Straight after use, rinse or soak with cold water to avoid stains – let the pad dry – and then proceed with using the washing machine to wash the pads along with other laundry. You can use a wash bag in the machine load to keep pads separate from other laundry. 

Avoid using fabric softeners or any other additional chemicals which may leave residue to the fabric or affect the fabric absorbency. Do not use bleach. 

If you wish, you can also handwash your pads! In this case, pre-soak the pads to make washing a breeze.  When you're ready to wash them, rinse the pads in cold water until the water runs clear and then gently scrub them to get them clean. 


When should I wash the pads? 

You should wash the Lunette Cloth Pads after every use. We recommend rinsing or soaking the pad directly after use and then store away after being dried. You can wait for your next full laundry load to wash the pads! Basically, just wash them whenever is the most convenient for you. 

Can you put cloth pads in the dryer? 

It would be best if you did not dry Lunette Reusable Pads in the dryer, but rather hung them to dry. You should also gently pull the fabric into its form when wet and then lay to dry – this way the Lunette Cloth Pads will stay in perfect form! 

What are other ways I can dry my cloth pads? 

Your Lunette Cloth Pad is happiest when dried on the line or laid flat to dry! Sunlight is a great alternative to naturally refresh the fabrics and remove possible stains! 

Won’t cloth pads get stained? 

Yes, even though the Lunette Reusable Pads are amazing in every single way, slight staining might eventually occur. However, we would like to reassure you that the stains don’t mean that the Lunette Cloth Pad is ruined or not clean. Naturally, darker pad colours hide the stains conveniently. 

How do I store my Pad used before cleaning or freshly clean? 

We’re happy to say that you can store the Lunette Reusable Pads in our awesome Lunette Storage Pouches! They fit in them nicely with ample airspace. Remember to store your clean Lunette Cloth Pads in a clean, dry place until next use. 


Why my Cloth Pad leaks? 

Remember to wash the pads before first use. The Lunette Reusable Pads are machine sewn and therefore the holes from the needle can leak. It's important for the fabric to be washed before use as the structure will this way be restored. You should also change the pad more often to avoid any unfortunate leakages. 

Why Cloth Pad irritates my skin? 

It is possible for the wet surface to irritate the skin, and in this case, we suggest you change the pad more often. Make sure to always wash the pad before use to eliminate any possible irritants, such as dust or coarse material. 

Lunette Reusable Pads are officially live! 

The Lunette Cups are super handy with collecting your period blood and keeping you from leaking while avoiding wastage of resources due to their ability to get reused. However, for different reasons, you may want a backup! 

This is exactly why a comfy and sustainable version of the disposable pad has come into play in the form of Lunette Reusable Pads! Simply use as a backup policy with your menstrual cup, for minor bladder leakage, postpartum comfort or for whenever you feel the need for extra coverage! 

Comes in a three-pack of the size of your choice (mini, medium, maxi) OR in a pack with one pad per each size. 

Ready to be get started? Click here to shop! 

For any additional questions or concerns, our expert Menstrual Mentors and online Cup Bot are waiting to assist you! You can reach our mentors by emailing info@lunette.com or by sending a DM to @lunettementors on Instagram. Catch our Cup Bot on the right bottom corner on our website.