1Meet The Most Funny Women in Menstruation
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Meet The Most Funny Women in Menstruation: Jess and Natalie of The Crimson Wave

Jess Beaulieu and Natalie Norman are the funny ladies behind the weekly stand-up suitably called the Crimson Wave Comedy. You may have seen a few of their viral videos online, downloaded one of their 60+ podcasts or have been one of the lucky attendees at their live Sunday night shows at the Comedy Bar in Toronto, Canada.

Jess Beaulieu

Jess Beaulieu is a stand-up comedian, writer, feminist, clitoris advocate, and you. She is you. She co-hosts a weekly comedy podcast called THE CRIMSON WAVE, which is all about the glory of periods and a weekly stand-up show called CRIMSON WAVE COMEDY Sunday nights at Comedy Bar in Toronto. Jess has performed at the Boston Women in Comedy Festival, the Chicago Women's Funny Festival, and in her own kitchen. She's also a contributor to the online publications She Does the City and 29 Secrets. She loves green tea, tacos, feminism, chocolate labs, vibrators, showers, beer, naps, pearls, cunnilingus, female centric stories, over easy eggs, cowboy boots, and women speaking their minds.

The best part about being half of The Crimson Wave is getting to spend hours upon hours chatting with my best friend about the best topics surrounded by the best ladies. Also, when we get messages from listeners saying that they are more confident and more comfortable within their own skin because of our podcast. That's pretty spectacular too. Also also, making men squirm is wildly entertaining. Also also also, period jokes are the funniest jokes by far.

Natalie Norman

Natalie Norman is from Toronto, Canada her comedy is often political, sometimes smart, and always hilarious. For four years Natalie has been rocking the Toronto comedy scene, like it’s her job, even though she gets paid very little. Natalie was also recently featured in Post City Magazine’s “meet a comedian” segment. She was in the 2012 fresh meat giving attention to the most promising up and coming comedians. Natalie was featured at the 2013 Canadian Music Week. Natalie has performed comedy at this year Feminist Arts Conference in Toronto 2014 and 2015. Natalie performed comedy in Women in Comedy Festival in May 2014, held in Boston. Natalie is also the co-host of the Crimson Wave, which was recently voted on Toronto best podcast by Blog T.O.

The best part of being one half of the Crimson Wave is getting to hear different people’s stories about menstruation every week. Everyone has a had such a different experience, which is unique to them. I also love learning about working with Jess . I am so lucky to have a partner who is so dedicated to making the best podcast possible.

Things I love: CAKE, strong women, honesty, making people laugh, Jess Beaulieu and of course MENSTRUATION.

Check out Jess and Natalie’s hilarious take on an “extreme” first menstrual cup experience

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