Is the product natural and organic?

  • Natural origin: 96,70 %
  • Synthetically produced ingredients: 3,3 %, e.g., the mild preservatives.
  • Lunette Wet Wipes are not organic

How should you use the Intimate Wipes?

We've all been there: After a super long day (or hardcore period cramps), we simply don't have it in us to make it to the shower for refreshment. Enter Lunette Intimate Wipes — admittedly less effort, but still prudent — to the rescue. You can use the Intimate Wipes for your intimate area and the body in general; wipe your hands, freshen your face, or wipe away sweat from the armpits. Great for messy period days, hot summer days in nature or while working out! The Wipes are fantastic for after sex too! Safe to use for the face, but you should avoid direct contact with eyes if sensitive. 

Are the Lunette Intimate Wipes Vegan?

Yes! When people here the word ‘vegan’, less often do they associate it with vulvas. But those who think about living a cruelty-free lifestyle need intimate products too! Lunette Intimate Wipes are registered Vegan by a Vegan Society. Intimate Wipes meet the strict trademark criteria for Vegan Society. The manufacture and/or development of the product and its ingredients must not involve or have involved the use of any animal product, by-product or derivative, or involved in animal testing or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). 

How many Wipes are in the pack? 

There are 50 moist (sorry, we had to) wet wipes in the pack. 

What about the manufacturing environment control?

Feel like going without certain products is the only option for a clear conscience? Thankfully, no. In our case, production energy use creates the largest share of the manufacturing environmental footprint, but by 2024, the production will achieve the goal of carbon neutrality. In addition, no landfill waste is generated from the process, and all created, unavoidable by-products are recycled. And the complete manufacturing and sourcing supply chain has a strict code of conduct principles.

Disposal instructions after use?

Drum roll please: the Lunette Intimate Wipes are completely biodegradable and compostable and can be recycled or incinerated as energy-to-waste. That’s right – equally as friendly to our planet as your vulva.

Facts! Lunette Intimate Wipes 100% Viscose, deriving from the renewable resource wood decompose in a reasonable time after disposal. Cellulosic materials degrade according to the natural mechanism under enzymatic action, forming harmless, common substances. Pure water and carbon dioxide are formed, which are re-absorbed during photosynthesis of green plants and converted into cellulose, again.

Do not flush the Lunette Wipes, as wipes are not intended to be flushed and may glogg the pipes and burden wastewater management. We decided to make non-flushable wipes because thinner flushable wipes are not always lint-free and may leave fibre residues on your skin and intimate area. Not for us!   

Disposal of the laminate: Recycled as OPP/PE plastic. 

What is the packaging material used?

Re-closable laminate bag, laminate is a combination of OPP/PE.

Are the Lunette Intimate Wipes single-use plastics? 

Abso-bloody-lutely no! Lunette Wipes are biodegradable from 100% viscose, made of natural polymers that have not been chemically modified.  

Viscose for the Lunette Cup Wipes and Intimate Wipes is excluded from the 'Single-use plastics' directive EU 2019/904 (SUP). But there unfortunately still is plastic-based wet wipes on the market and you'll in the EU recognize them in the future from the 'Contains plastics' -turtle symbol.  

Do Intimate Wipes have an expiry date?

The Intimate Wipes are recommended to use after three months after opening, however there is no pre-determined shelf life or best before the date for an unopened package. To ensure your wipes keep fresh and moist, we do recommend ensuring a good rotation of purchased Wipes to eliminate them drying! Trust us, there are plenty of occasions where you want to keep your Intimate Wipes near and dear.

Can you use Intimate Wipes to your Cup?

The short answer is no. Intimate Wipes are not intended to be used with your menstrual cup as they don't powerfully enough clean the surface of the silicone and contain, e.g., moisturizing glycerin. Luckily, we have fantastic ethanol-based Cup Wipes available just for your precious Cup.

Intimate, other general wet and baby wipes are too mild to clean the surface and may also contain several ingredients that can slowly build-up to the silicone surface.

Does the product have fragrances, or how is the characteristic smell?

The product is fragrance-free, but the natural Vaccinium Vitis-Idaea (Lingonberry) Extract has a faint natural lingonberry scent.  We like to keep things simple & hassle-free (unlike your headphones or other stringy objects).

Does Intimate Wipes contain allergens?

The product is fragrance-free and preserved with a relatively mild preservative system, and the ingredients are not considered common allergens. 

Do the wipes contain nanomaterials

Nano way! This product does not contain any nanomaterials, such as micro-plastics.

Do Wipes contain any CMR substances that are carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction (CMR)?

Absolutely not, the product does not contain any CMR substances according to regulation 1272/2008/EC.

Are the Wipes safe to use, and have they been evaluated for their safety? 

The finished product is tested in the laboratory - determining its physical and chemical properties, stability, storage standards and best before-use date. A qualified chemist tests the product by the law to ensure that it passes safety and compliance tests.

And there are no undesirable effects that the Wipes may cause, and they are suitable for sensitive skin. The product is safe for human health when used under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use. It complies with Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009.

These intimate wet wipes are to be used in the intimate area, which is considered more permeable and sensitive than other skin areas. The product is based on well-known, well documented cosmetic ingredients with good skin compatibility. Still, despite all our efforts, there is always a risk for minor irritation when using cosmetics in an intimate area. The risk for irritation from the use of these wet wipes is considered acceptable. The product is expected to give at most minor reversible eye irritation if in contact with eyes. 

Do you have any warnings on the product or the product packaging?

There are no labelling requirements regarding warnings or instructions of use for the product, according to the Annexes of Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009. Therefore, no additional warnings or instructions of use need to be labelled to ensure the safe use of the product.

How is the Intimate Wipes manufacturing controlled?

This product is manufactured according to cosmetic GMP, ISO 22716:2007.

Furthermore, this product is produced and controlled according to the European cosmetic products regulation 1223/2009/EC.

Where are they made?

Lunette Intimate Wipes are made in Finland, EU and they have Finnish Key Flag certification!