1Princess Superstar. Super Rapper and Super Mom!
May 06, 2015    0 Comments

Concetta Kerschner. AKA Princess Superstar.

She’s a rapper…she’s a mom… She is Lunette’s first “Mom I’d Like To Friend. (M.I.L.F.)” Confused? In honor of Mother’s Day, team Lunette has chosen a few classy and sassy ladies that we would totally “friend”- on social media and in real life!!

Princess SuperstarIn the 1990s Concetta Kerschner hit the music scene as Princess Superstar. With a sound that is like a psychedelic mix of rap, rock and electronic- she made a steady career performing her sassy lyrics and DJing around the world. These days, Concetta is a working mom. Balancing her “frosh” music career and teaching hip-hop music classes to children while keeping her kid and husband entertained in New York City.

Concetta, I’m curious. How did you find that work/life balance that so many mother’s find challenging?

I think I am only now finding my work/life balance and I’m still finding it as we speak! My daughter is about to be 4, and I know that this time period is so short- and I will never have it again and so I wanted to be with her as much as I could while still making music and doing all that surrounds it. I don't have a nanny and not much babysitting because I do believe that a young child should be with their parents as much as possible. I even took my kid with me on tour in Russia, Switzerland, Miami!

I miss a lot of stuff I used to do but wouldn't trade it for the world I get to be in now.

Girl, you have a rockin’ mom bod- and I know that it’s not just from pushing that stroller around the upper west-side of New York City. What are your top 5 workout songs that will make us feel as glam as you?

Princess Superstar is momPrincess Superstar’s Top 5 MILF Workout Songs:

  1. I'm a Firecracker- Princess Superstar (We are Nuts Remix)
  2. #OMWTSYG- Splurt
  3. Ice Cream- Jacob Plant
  4. Baby I'm a Star- Prince

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