7 Yoga Poses to Help Ease Menstrual Pain

There are some people who rock their Lululemon’s and actually go to yoga. And there are other people who are sporting yoga pants and laying in savasana...in their bed while they watch Netflix. Hey, no judgment. But if you’ve been thinking about doing yoga and lacking the motivation to actually roll out your mat at home or head to a class, you might be interested in this: yoga can actually help ease cramps, headache, anxiety, and other period-related symptoms. If you practice yoga for a long time, these benefits will be even more likely but even doing period yoga for 5 minutes can help even your most stubborn period pains disappear. Different poses have different benefits but we’ve rounded up 7 easy poses that will have you saying “ommmm” and “ahhhh”.

1. Bound Angle Pose - Baddha Konasana

Diarrhea and constipation are par for the course when it comes to periods, thanks to the release of prostaglandins that cause your uterus to contract. Not super fun but, thankfully, bound angle pose can help. Not only does it soothe your digestive system but it can also provide relief from painful menstrual cramps. Oh, and it stimulates your ovaries making it a reproductive health power pose. If you’re feeling fatigued, spend some time in bound angle—it’ll revive your energy, too.

2. Reclined Bound Angle - Supta Baddha Konasana

Period-induced anxiety making you feel a bit cray? You need this pose. Reclined bound angle is similar to bound angle but you’re leaning back instead of forward. And the list of PMS symptoms that this pose helps is extensive—from fatigue and insomnia to anxiety to headaches, your period doesn’t stand a chance against this relaxing post. Since you’re leaning back into the pose, your abdominal muscles relax which can help ease cramping.

3. Child’s Pose - Balasana

Yoga isn’t just about external flexibility. The impact of many poses also benefits your organs, acting as a sort of internal massage. Child’s pose does this by flexing your reproductive organs, as well as releasing tension in your back, shoulders, and neck. If you’re among the masses of uterus owners who feel achy in the muscles and joints during menstruation, you’ll love this simple pose. Stay in it as long as you want—the calming effects it has on your mind are just as beneficial as the relaxation your body will feel.

4. Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend - Upavistha Konasana

Speaking of mind-calming poses, wide angle seated forward bend (that’s a mouthful) is where it’s at. On your period or not, stretch into this pose when the stress of life is getting to you. Like with every other pose, the benefits aren’t singular. This forward bend helps to stimulate your abdominal organs, leading to less painful cramps (both in the short and long-term).

5. Reclining Twist - Bharadvaja

One of the most popular poses for dealing with menstrual pain is the reclining twist. Why? Because it feels good and has massive health benefits. For starters, your back and hips will get a great stretch (much-needed if you’re dealing with aches and pains from your period). But your digestive organs are getting just as much stimulation due to the fresh blood flow from this pose. Win-win!

6. Inverted leg pose - Viparita Karani

Physical, mental, and emotional benefits abound in this pose. Like with many of the other poses we’ve talked about, inverted leg pose improves circulation and digestion, lowers blood pressure, boosts energy levels, and soothes the nervous system. It’s also said to increase creative thinking and problem solving (super helpful if you’re in the stage of menstruation where you feel like you can’t focus!). Emotionally, inverted leg pose can help you keep your chill, even in the midst of angsty mood swings.

6. Head to Knee Forward Bend - Janu Sirsasana

Another forward bend? Yes. And for good reason. The stimulating effect that forward bends have on the abdominal and reproductive muscles are unparalleled. The head to knee forward bend is another pose that can be modified to your experience level. No matter how you modify it, head to knee forward bend supports your reproductive and digestive system, relieves anxiety, fatigue, headaches, menstrual cramps, and can even help soothe mild depression.

Even if you just can’t bring yourself to head to a yoga class, doing one, some, or all of these yoga poses at home will help you to manage your period pains. Because let’s be real—soothing your cramps and headaches with sugary snacks and Netflix binges is only a temporary fix. Practicing yoga for even a few minutes a day will help you feel better, longer.


Hi Yashoda! We’re so glad these poses helped you! <3 It is completely normal for your period to be delayed occasionally. Stress, schedule changes, diet changes and medications for example are all things that can delay your period.
-Team Lunette

Lunette Menstrual Mentor September 14, 2020

Thankyou for this yoga poses….
For the first time my morning isn’t in pain… this poses gives instant relief….
I have one question…. that this time i got my period 10 days late than the previous time, is that okay?7
I would recommend this to everyone suffering through period cramps

Yashoda Rathod September 14, 2020

How much should I appreciate you people, its commendable that we are getting these exercises and also with relaxing audio in the background.
My cramps are too bad and I try not to take medicines, and these have really helped me during my period cramps.
Stretch+Breathing what a combination.
Thankyou so so much, so much love to you❤

Henna Bhat June 05, 2020

Thank you so much ! I was relieved from pain instantly. Every single time I wish to die due to these cramps, but this helped me a ton ! Thanks again 😊

Pankaja May 01, 2020

This helped so much! Thank you!

Anne May 01, 2020

Spinal Twist really helped me …

And just eating soup all day.
Not having solid food

But I want to thank the person who suggested B6 supplementation..

It worked!! It was miracles :)

Brandy May 01, 2020


Akash January 31, 2020

I take vitamins regularly but twice or thrice a year I get painful periods. Pain killers don’t work. Child’s pose is the only remedy for me.

June December 20, 2019

So glad to hear these poses worked for you, Megan!
-Team Lunette

Lunette Menstrual Mentor October 17, 2019

I’ve been up almost all night wanting to die because of these cramps. These really helped. I recommend staying in these poses for longer then you think you should.

Megan October 17, 2019

Hey ladies, Taking vitamin B6 will help reduce cramping and mood swings! My doctor worked at a women’s clinic and said it was very helpful. I take one tablet everyday now.

Andreea September 26, 2019

this was one of the most pain relieving exercises. it has reduced my pain a lot and i surely would recommend this to all my loved ones. i recommend you all to try it. it reduces back pains and cramps and makes you feel much relaxed.

nandita September 13, 2019

Content I love u guy,thanks for saving me

Joy September 13, 2019

I have very painful periods and woke up to horrible lower back pain so thought I would try some yoga. I found this and the pain is severely reduced, thank you!!! _

Jasmyn August 30, 2019

Just what I was looking for! I’m travelling and of course those cramps are always worse when travelling. I propped myself on a few pillows in Supine Baddha Konasana…so much better!!

Jenn August 21, 2019

Thank you for this article. This really really helps a lot. I had a lovely morning.

Sunita August 12, 2019

Yay!!! Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Sheila! <3

Lunette Menstrual Mentor May 07, 2019

They work! Especially head to knee! Thank you so so much!

Sheila May 07, 2019

Awesome! Thanks for the love, Rakesh!

Lunette Menstrual Mentor April 03, 2019

Very useful post for female and male Trainers. Personal Fitness Trainer

Rakesh April 02, 2019

Nice post.

Rakesh April 01, 2019

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